TV anime “Visual Prison” will start broadcasting in October 2021. Prior to the TV anime broadcast, the first broadcast of the special program that will announce the latest information, “Visual Prison Power Push!!” will be broadcast.
It will be broadcast exclusively on the video service “ABEMA”‘s ABEMA Anime Channel at 10:30 PM, on June 12.

“Visual Prison” takes place in the modern world, where music loving vampire are living in the dark. It is an original anime that depicts the main protagonist, Yuuki Ange involvement in the annual vampire banquet, called visual prison.
The character design is handled by the manga artist and illustrator, Katagiri Ikumi. This anime has attracted a lot of attention due to the unknown story and the lineup of the popular voice actors.

The special program “Visual Prison Power Push!!” will be a regular program that will announce the latest information of the work.
In the first broadcast, it will feature Chiba Shouya (voice of Yuuki Ange), Furukawa Makoto (voice of Guiltia Brion), Nanami Hiroki (Voice of Eve Louise), Horie Shun (voice of Robin Laffite), Masuda Toshiki (voice of Dimitri Romanee), and Aoi Shouta (voice of Hyde Jayer). They will reveal the highlights of the anime, the historical explanation of the “Visual Kei Band”, as well as live unveiling of the character voices.

A campaign to commemorate the broadcast is currently being held.
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(C)Noriyasu Agematsu, Afredes/Project VP