It was decided that the live broadcast of the event “Uma Musume Pretty Derby 3rd Event Winning Dream Stage” of “Uma Musume Pretty Derby” will be held at “ABEMA PPV Online Live” on August 28 and 29, 2021. The tickets are currently available.

“Uma Musume Pretty Derby 3rd Event Winning Dream Stage” is the numbering event of “Uma Musume” since 3 years ago.

The event will feature a gathering of 30 cast members of “Ume Musume” over the two days, including Waki Azumi (voice of Special Week), Kouno Marika (voice of Silence Suzuka), and Machico (voice of Tokai Teio). It is a must-see live for fans as new songs will be performed together with the existing songs from the game and anime.

Also, by making use of the “multi-angle function”, you will be able to view the performance from a different camera angle at any time. So, do enjoy it at your favorite angle.

As the tickets of “ABEMA Online Live” is applicable for the “Go To Event Campaign”, there will be a 20% discount and the price for each day is 2,560 ABEMA coins (equivalent to 3,072 JPY) and the 2-day tickets is 4,760 ABEMA coins (equivalent to 5,712 JPY). The ticket with the “multi-angle function” costs 3,280 ABEMA coins (equivalent to 3,936 JPY) for a single day, while it costs 6,200 ABEMA coins (equivalent to 7,440 JPY) for two days.
After the live broadcast, the Day 1 performance can still be view until 11:59 PM, on September 4, and for Day 2 performance, it will be 11:59 PM, on September 5.

If the ticket is purchase before 11:59 PM, on June 12, the digital picture tickets with the limited illustration will be given, so fans should buy it as soon as possible.

The live broadcast of “Uma Musume Pretty Derby 3rd Event Winning Dream Stage” at “ABEMA PPV Online Live” will start at 4:30 PM, August 28 for Day 1 and 4:30 PM, August 29 for Day 2.

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