From “Uma Musume Pretty Derby” comes Minoyaki “Donburi Bowls” featuring Special Week and Glass Wonder that will enable you to eat as much rice as the Uma Musume!

“Uma Musume Pretty Derby” is a training simulation game in which you become a new trainer at “Toresen Academy”, an educational institution for “Uma Musume” (girls with ears and tails of horses), who inherit the names and spirits of real racehorses, and work with your Uma Musume to win races and make you dream come true.
The game has become one of the most popular contents in 2021, with a TV anime broadcast and live performances of the game’s songs by voice actors on a terrestrial TV singing program, etc. The game celebrated its 1st anniversary on February 24, 2022, and has attracted attention again this year with a new training scenario and new Uma Musume.

The size of the “Special Week Donburi Bowl” and “Glass Wonder Donburi Bowl”, finished in the Minoyaki style, is suitable not only for eating rice but can also be used as a soup, salad, and cereal bowls. Both are designed with chibi-style characters on the sides and bottom along with their quotes, adding delightfulness to your dining table.

On the side and bottom of the “Special Week Donburi Bowl” are Special Week’s energetic quotes, “Today I’m going to eat everything!” and “Another bowl, please!”.

The “Grass Wonder Donburi Bowl” has the words “You can’t fight if you’re hungry” on the side of the bowl and “It was delicious.” on the bottom, showing the elegance of Glass Wonder. With Special Week and Glass Wonder’s Donburi Bowls, we could not stop eating!

■ “Special Week Donburi Bowl”
■ “Grass Wonder Donburi Bowl”
・Reference Price: 2,200 JPY (tax included)
・Seller: COSPA
・Release Date: Scheduled for mid-July 2022

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