POP UP SHOP, which deals with the latest goods from the TV anime “Blue Lock”, will be held in Shibuya, Hakata, and Namba. The latest goods include “Acrylic Stand” featuring original illustrations of the characters in their casual wear.

“Blue Lock” is based on a soccer manga written by Kaneshiro Muneyuki and illustrated by Nomura Yusuke. It has won the 45th Kodansha Manga Award and is currently serialized in “Weekly Shonen Magazine”.
“Blue Lock” is a project proposed by the Japanese Football Union to create a striker that can lead Japan to win the World Cup. All 300 high school students assembled there were FW. The story follows them challenging the selection to be the best striker in the world.

“Blue Lock” POP UP SHOP will be held for a limited time at Shibuya MODI from November 25, 2022, at Hakata Marui from December 17, and Namba Marui from January 14, 2023. A variety of original goods featuring Isagi Yoichi, Bachira Meguru, Kunigami Rensuke, Chigiri Hyoma, Nagi Seishiro, Mikage Reo, and others, will be available.

There are 6 designs for each item featuring original illustrations; “Acrylic Stand”, “Trading Tin Badge (hologram ver. randomly included), “TradingTin Badge (hologram ver. randomly included) Mini Character ver.”, “Trading Acrylic Stand”, “Trading Frame Acrylic Key Chain”, “Pola-shot Collection Album”, and “Photo Card Folder”.

Furthermore, 12 designs are available for the trading-type “Pola-shot Collection (2 pieces)”, 2 designs for “Hand Towel”, and 1 design respectively for “Microfiber Towel”, “Masking Tape”, and “Pouch”. The characters give off a relaxing mood in their casual wear, which allows you to enjoy their different aspects from the usual soccer games.

In addition, you can draw a lottery for every 3,000 JPY (incl. tax) you spend to win an original item. The prizes are Prize A “Acrylic Clock” featuring all the 6 members, Prize B “Acrylic Bookmark (6 designs) Complete Set”, Prize C “Coaster (6 designs) Complete Set”, and Prize D “Coaster (6 designs) Random 1”.

All the goods will also be available on “Marui no Anime ONLINE SHOP” from noon on November 25 to 11:59 pm on January 29.

(C) Kaneshiro Muneyuki, Nomura Yusuke, Kodansha / “Blue Lock” Production Committee