“Say You to Yoasobi ‘Shimono Hiro X Uchida Maaya’ #6” was broadcast on ABEMA’s “Anime Live Channel” on May 25, 2021. In the program, the Youtuber “2nd Street” have appeared and various corners were held.

During this broadcast, the “Tension Age Age! Call Senshuuken (Let’s raise the tension! The chanting championship” was held due to conversion about the host chant in the previous broadcast (#5). In order to know more about the chant, the effeminate Youtuber, “2nd Street”, which are Tatsuya and Yuuki, has appeared as a teacher and they are also the person that Uchida wanted to meet.

Toward the surprise appearance of the two that Uchida adored, Uchida mentioned, “I’m so happy~”, “I’ve always your YouTube!”, “It was quite mischievous and cute” in high spirit as if she is voicing out her joy of meeting them after 1 year. To Shimono, who is meeting them for the first time, he was overwhelmed by the vigorously appeals from 2nd Street, such as “Our eye met~” and “Your skin is so smooth!”, but he enjoyed the non-stop conversation with the two unique people.

After that, they started to learn about the chant, which is the purpose of this corner. Uchida was unable to hold back her laughter toward the duo from 2nd Street as they showed off the variation of chanting, from the popular chant to the basic chant to the impactful chant. Shimono said, “Everyone is hype up now~” and “I really wanted to visit this shop” while he is enjoying learning the chant. After they were shown the patterns of the chanting it, Shimono and Uchida turn to challenge the chanting. After clapping the hand clapping with the rhythm of “Don Don Do Don Don”, they begin chanting “Pip Pip Pi Pip Pi”, which make their head spin. Toward this addictive chanting by the four of them, they mentioned “This is addictive”, “It quite dangerous~”, “Somehow it so fun!” as they enjoyed this chanting.

Also, there is also a corner, where the guests will chant based on the various situations, including “Chant for Shimono while he is working out” and “Chant for Uchida while she is practicing swinging”. During the “Chant for Shimono while he is working out”, the fawning Yuuki mentioned “Instead of chanting, I wanted to see it (the squatting appearance)” as Shimono is his cup of tea, and Shimono showed a troubled face while being embarrassed. Among the chant from 2nd Street that is filled with affection, Shimono mentioned “What should I do?” while doing continue the squatting and the duo from 2nd Street mentioned “It’s quite cool~” unexpectedly. It seems that both of them are able to enjoy the cute Shimono without holding back.

During the “Chant for Uchida while she is practicing swinging”, the duo from 2nd Street aren’t able to come out with a good tempo chanting. The duo said, “We have practice for various chants up until now” and “They all flew away when we stood in front of both of you” as they revealed their nervousness. It was followed up with the kind remark of Shimono and Uchida, which are “They are so cute” and “We’re fine with the chant that you had shown us just now”.

After that, they had played the game, called “Gomojin”, where the subject is explained with 2 Kanji characters and 3 Katakana characters, and also the usual corner of Tuesday “Dummy Head Healing” while being watched by 2nd Street, in a different atmosphere and in depth Tuesday. After the chaotic 90 minutes, they looked back while saying “It was fun”, “It’s going to end now!?”, and “Please come again!” and the broadcast ended with them in high spirits.