It was decided that Dragon Ash’s “Endeavor” will be used as the opening theme song of “Cestvs: The Roman Fighter” (broadcast starts in April 2021). The PV with the mentioned song, key visual, and additional cast information have been announced as well.

“Cestvs: The Roman Fighter” is based on the long-selling comic “Kentou Ankoku Den Cestvs/ Kendo Shitou Den Cestvs” by Wazarai Shizuya that started in 1997 on “Young Animal”, and it was supported by everyone worldwide especially in Italy.

It was decided that Dragon Ash’s “Endeavor” will be used as the opening of this work. The PV depicts the slave gladiator, Cestvs deciding his fate with only his fist in the exciting fistfights, with the music in the back.

A total of 6 cast members were announced.
The captain of the “Emperor’s Bare-Handed Fighting Corps” and Ruska’s father, Demitorius is voiced by Touchi Hiroki, the mother of Nero, the 5th emperor of the Roman Empire, Agrippina is voiced by Inoue Kikuko, the beauty rich lady of Pompei’s millionaire, Sabina is voiced by Endou Aya, the strongest gladiator of Pompei, Emden is voiced by Takeuchi Ryouta, the second-ranked of the “Emperor’s Bare-Handed Fighting Corps”, Roxane is voiced by Kobayashi Sanae, and the narration is handled by Ootsuka Akio.

“Cestvs: The Roman Fighter” will start broadcasting on Fuji TV’s “+Ultra” and other channels at 12:55 AM on April 15. Exclusive streaming will be available on FOD.

Dragon Ash

We are in charge of the opening theme song of “Cestvs”.
We were very glad about this offer as we love anime as much as we love music. Normally we don’t do this, but we had read the scenario and the original world during the production of “Endeavor” as we want to match the world setting.
This song will express the fighting spirits and rebellious spirits that we don’t feel in our everyday life.
Also, we are looking forward to how the anime will depict the life-risking fights between the guys from the original work.

(C) Wazarai Shizuya, Hakusensha/ Cestvs Production Committee