TV anime “86” is based on the novel, which received the best novel prize from “Dengeki Novel Award”, and announced the first broadcast date on the midnight of Apr. 10, 2021. Moreover, the 2nd promotion movie, 2nd key visual, and the information on the additional casts and theme songs were also announced this time.

“86” is originally the novel, which received the highest award from the “23rd Dengeki Novel Award”, held by “Dengeki Bunko” (KADOKAWA).

The story is set in the world where the automated fighting machine Region, innovated by Giadian Empire, and the non-human fighting machine Jaguar Note, invented by the Republic of San Magnolia co-exist.
Although Jaguar Note is said to be “non-human”, it was driven by people called “86”, who did not own basic human rights.
Shin, the head of 86 troops called “Spear Head” and Lena, who is one of the commanders called “the Handlers”, seeks for the future in the fierce battles…

The additional casts announced together with the 2nd promotion movie and the key visual were Yamashita Seiichirou (playing Riden), Fujiwara Natsumi (playing Seoto), Hayami Saori (playing Anju), and Suzushiro Sayuri (playing Kurena).
The opening theme song was decided as “3 pun 29 byou” (3 minutes and 29 seconds) by Hitorie, and the ending theme song is “Avid” by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]: mizuki.

“86” will be broadcast from midnight of Apr. 10 on TOKYO MX and other channels.

Sawano Hiroyuki/ SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]: mizuki

I am honored to be in charge of not only the ending theme song as SawanoHiroyuki [nZk] but also in the production of the original soundtrack. The stories and settings are a very important source of motivation to produce music for the anime, and the time flew by when making the music, because I had a wonderful time with the vocalist Mizuki and other musicians.
Please enjoy the song “Avid” with the world of “86”!

(C) 2020 Anzato Asato/ KADOKAWA/ Project-86