“Kento Ankoku Den / Kento Shito Den Cestvs”, which has been serialized in ‘Young Animal’ for 23 years since 1997, will be an anime adaptation titled “Cestvs: The Roman Fighter”. It will be aired on Fuji TV ‘+Ultra’ and other channels from Apr. 2021.

The story is set in ancient Rome, and follows Cestvs, who was sold as a slave, goes through a lot and fights to achieve freedom. It is a large-scale drama that depicts delicate feelings of each slave character fighting, considering their historical background and culture.

The teaser visual features Cestvs shackled with handcuffs and a collar in a dark place like a dungeon, turning towardsto light that is shining in. The depiction seems to convey a strong desire for freedom.
The PV features an exciting scene wherethat a gate of a ring opens, and Cestvs makes up his mind to go fighting.

The director is Kawase Toshifumi that handled the story edition for “Higurashi When They Cry”, and BN Pictures handles the animation production.
To make the battle scenes, Kamegai Yoshihiro (whoHe became the 38th OPBF welterweight champion, and is nownow is being active as a boxing
commentator.) worked as a ‘battle scene adviser’ , and filmed using the method of motion capture method. The movement of fistsMovement of fist and breathing were well recreated to obtain tension like a real match.

Mineta Hiromu, a rookie voice actor, will play the protagonist Cestvs, who has a warm heart while struggling with his harsh fate.

“Cestvs: The Roman Fighter” will be aired on Fuji TV ‘+Ultra’ and other channels from Apr. 2021.

(C)Wazarai Shizuya, Hakusensha / Cestvs Production Committee