From the TV anime “Cestvs: The Roman Fighter”, the outline and scenes from Episode 2 “Ishu Kakutou” (A Different Kind of Fight), broadcast on Thursday, April 22, 2021, have been released.

“Cestvs: The Roman Fighter” is based on, “Kentou Ankokuden / Kentou Shitouden Cestvs”, a long-seller manga serialized on “Young Animal” by Wazarai Shizuya from 1997, popular all over the world, including Italy.
Set in ancient Rome, the story depicts the growth of Cestvs, a slave boy, who suffers from his harsh fate and struggles for freedom.

Episode 2 is titled “Ishu Kakutou”.
Cestvs, who was given an audience by Emperor Nero, was ordered by Agrippina to fight the young guard Ruska.
The gifted martial artist Ruska wins the fight with a chokehold. Cestvs becomes frustrated after his first loss, but Zafar’s words, “You have a future,” bring him back on his feet.

Time passes, and Cestvs arrives at Pompei as a member of the Driscoll Boxing Troop. There he meets the best boxer of Pompei, Emden.
They are invited to stay at a hall, where a stunningly beautiful woman tries to sneak in at midnight. Who is she…?

“Cestvs: The Roman Fighter” Episode 2 is broadcast on Fuji TV “+Ultra” and other channels from 0:55 a.m. on April 22.

(C) Wazarai Shizuya, Hakusensha / Cestvs Production Committee