The voice actress and singer Hanazawa Kana, known for her role as Sengoku Nadeko from “Monogatari Series”, Nakano Ichika from “The Quintessential Quintuplets”, and others, will be releasing her new anticipated song “magical mode” on March 31, 2021. The song is a result of the tag with Kousaki Satoru (MONACA), who handled “Renai Circulation”.

The new song “magical mode” is a collaboration song for “ZOZO”, the china version of ZOZOTOWN, and the composer and producer of the song is Kousaki Satoru (MONACA), who handled the worldwide famous song of Sengoku Nadeko from “Monogatari Series”, “Renai Circulation”.
This song is the ultimate combination of Hanazawa’s cute vocal voice, the fancy and catchy Kawaii Future Bass as melody and sound with message; Let’s spend everyday positively as the lyric.

The collaboration movie featuring “magical mode (Chinese Version)” has already been released in China, and it has already exceeded 3 million views.
There are continuous highly acclaimed comments, such as “Her Chinese is good!”, “Both the voice and song are so sweet and cute!”, and “She has the best Chinese pronunciation among all the overseas artist that I’ve ever heard”.

“magical mode” will be released on March 31. Also, it has been decided also that all her existing singles and albums will be streamed.
This song will be revealed on Nippon Cultural Broadcasting A&G+ “Hanazawa Kana no Hitoride Dekirukana?” at 11:00 PM, on March 4.