Voice actors’ new reading variety show “What are we gonna read today with Hayami Shou & Nozuyama Yukihiro?” with voice actors Hayami Shou and Nozuyama Yukihiro as the main hosts is being broadcast at noon on the last Friday of every month on the voice actor’s channel of the video distribution service “Rakuten TV”. In the October broadcast, Itou Kento appeared as a guest following the previous broadcast.

“What are we gonna read today with Hayami Shou & Nozuyama Yukihiro?”, is about various ways to read aloud. The first corner is “Reading Everything” is about reads aloud various characters’ elements in everyday life.
Favorite things for it are “User’s manual” and “Documentation”. The purpose is to read aloud anything if it is a text.

This time, as the 4th time, guest Itou joined from the start and read the explanation of “Melting mixed cheese”. Listening to the explanations of the three people, “melting mixed cheese” seems to be a delicious and versatile ingredient.
In the following “Opening Talk”, they talked about the impression of “Reading Everything”, and they asked each other, “What cheese do you like?” Seems it would be nice to have more conversation about cheese on the program.

“Improvised Reading Aloud” is a part, in which the three MC’s decided the order of reading a blank book, and in the first person started reading (telling) story, the second and third are in their turn improvising, and end story accurately. It is a corner where you can enjoy a smooth connection of one story by a few people. This time, the subject of the lottery was “House-at-home dad, Oda Nobunaga”, and the readings were in the order of Itou, Hayami, and Nozuyama.

The first synopsis that Itou told, was an improvisation that Oda Nobunaga, who should have died in the Honnoji Incident, was involved in a mysterious phenomenon and appeared in modern Tokyo. Hayami, as second, has made Nobunaga a drunken man who likes Senbero bar, and also set up an encounter with a mysterious office lady. How did Nozuyama, who was in charge of the last part, handle the story of the office lady?

After words, “Let’s read a little of work we like”, they rushed into “Small reading” or “Gacha Reading” corner where performers take reading aloud seriously and show their best.
In October’s broadcast, three people had read a fantastic original reading drama “Red Thread Angel” featuring unique angels and fairy characters. Itou played the role of Angel, Hayami played the role of Fairy, and Nozuyama played the role of a 10-year-old boy Ichiro.

The plot of “Red Thread Angel” is that Fairy and Angel, who are helping to find a partner with a red thread of fate, try to fulfill Ichiro’s wish to “reunite with his first love with who he had broken up”.
Fairy’s expressive overwhelming story played by Hayami, the gentle voice of Angel played by Itou, and the high-tension and innocent appearance of Ichiro played by Nozuyama are worth to listen. You’ll be healed by a warm and wonderful, yet slightly comical story.

In the “Costume Reading” section, the three MCs wore the latest mode of clothes borrowed from “Hiroko Tokumine Lolita Wedding” with the support of “Harajuku POP”.
Hayami’s look was “calm, elegant and chic”, Nozuyama was “Prince Charming from ‘Cinderella'”, and Itou was “the first groom’s costume made under the Lolita wedding brand”. Itou introduced Nozuyama’s costume, Hayami introduced Itou’s costume, and Nozuyama introduced Hayami’s costume.

Along with the reading, Nozuyama, who became the Prince of the stage play, emphasized the points of the costume quite overreacting. Itou presented off his costume gracefully while showing a relaxed movement, and Hayami also seemed to be relaxed in front of guests… But he remains to be a playful person.

And at the final corner, Ito’s feelings for guests were discussed, and the main part ended. After that, started the “Members-only bonus video” corner “What are we wanna read today? Curtain call!” That only members of the “Rakuten TV” voice actor’s channel can watch, and October’s broadcast was ended.

Next broadcast of reading variety show “What are we gonna read today with Hayami Shou & Nozuyama Yukihiro?” with voice actors Hayami Shou and Nozuyama Yukihiro as the main hosts will be held on November 27.