The first episode of the new regular voice actor program “Yotsuba Music Academy” was broadcast exclusively on October 28, 2020, on “ABEMA Anime 2 Channel”. Suganuma Hisayoshi, Kondou Takayuki, Majima Junji, and Ono Daisuke had appeared and they talked passionately about their music’s origin.

This program had kept the information of the performers hidden until the broadcast. When the program started, Suganuma Hisayoshi, Kondou Takayuki, Majima Junji, and Ono Daisuke in the school outfit appear in the studio with a desk arranged. All four of them become voice actors of the same age and had undergone various activities together as well. Also, their school outfits have their own specialty.
The name of the program “Yotsuba Music Academy” is by Kondou and he revealed that it because four of them become voice actor in the year of the horse, which is called four horses (Yotsuba), and also the four-leaf clover (Yotsuba) that bring luck.

In the program, they had talked about the theme of “the first CD that you bought” as well as “the reason for having an interest in music”. Suganuma answered “Sayonara Jinrui” by “Tama”, followed by “It keeps being repeated in my mind after hearing it once” and he also mentioned the strong traits of the members that he saw in a music program.
After that, Kondou mentioned that as he listens to the music together with his older siblings that they had bought, he didn’t have a chance to buy a CD while remembering about his childhood and answered that the first CD that he bought was Himuro Kyousuke’s “KISS ME”. While reminiscence about how “shocking the music and video were”, Kondou also talked about the “coolness” and influence of Himuro Kyousuke, which the other 3 performers nodded in agreement.

For Majima, he introduced the drama CD of the anime “Zettai Muteki Raijin-Oh”, called “Utau Chikyuu Bouei Gumi!” “Raijin-oh” is an anime about first-year primary school student being affiliated with “Chikyuu Bouei Gumi”, and they fight against the invaders, and numerous characters’ song as well as drama CD series were released. Majima said that “I love ‘Raijin-oh’!” as he recollects how he complete gathering all the series. As Majima was known as a big fan of anime and games, the reaction of the other performers toward his answer for the “first CD” are “As expected!”

Then, the “first CD that Ono bought” is “Hikaru GENJI”‘s “Paradise Ginga”. During his childhood, Ono used to listen to music with his older brother, and he bought “Paradise Ginga” with the thought that it is something that he must buy no matter what. Regarding his feeling at that time, Ono said, “Maybe it because I want to be popular” while smirking. After he found out that Asuka Ryou was the composer and lyric writer of “Paradise Ginga”, he said “After that, I got addicted to Asuka Ryou-san’s music and I was surprised that it had become my foundation.”, as he revealed that his “first CD” is his music’s origin.

Other than that, they also introduced a plan that is associated with “music”. In “Director Cut’s Edition”, the four of them talk about the popular songs this year as well as their enthusiasm for this program from now on.

(C) Yotsuba Music Academy