The “voice actor x 2D entertainer” project produced by MBS, “GETUP! GETLIVE!” has announced the performers of the 4th LIVE that will be held on November 14. It was also revealed the latest character, the famous Rakugo storyteller, Sagamiya Zengyou will be voiced by Hayami Shou.
The production of the 2nd drama CD and the same-time release of volume 1 and 2 of the manga in August have also been announced.

This new information was announced during the solo live “Kono 6 Demonai Sekai ni Oretachi no Owarai o” of the Imadoki Kanto entertainers “6” consisting of Kitami Ren (voice by Azakami Youhei) and Komae Kazuma (voice by Kumatani Kentarou) that was held on May 23.

The first announcement was the performers of the 4th LIVE on November 14, which are “6”, “Star Buster” consisting of Uehara Junya (voice by Hanae Natsuki) and Higashizawa Kaede (voice by Nishiyama Koutarou), “Hayashima” consisting of Hayashima Azuma (voice by Amasaki Kouhei) and Hayashima Nakaba (voice by Kajiwara Gakuto), Machida Sena (voice by Toshinaga Toshiyuki), Ohno Toranosuke (voice by Ishikawa Kaito), and Sagamiya Zengyou (voiced by Hayami Shou).
Hayami’s character, Sagamiya Zengyou is a popular Rakugo storyteller, whose name only appears during the 3rd LIVE and the latest character visual has been released as well.

Also, the production of the 2nd drama CD was announced following the 1st drama CD that is composed of an original drama and the theme song “GETUP! GETLIVE!”. The release is sets for fall and the contents will be announced soon.
Next, the volume 1 and 2 of the manga by Ugonba, which is serialized in both “Zero-Sum Online” and “Monthly Comic Zero-Sum”, will be released on August 25 at the same time. Volume 1 of the manga will have a special edition that comes with a color booklet, so fans shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity.

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