The voice actor Itou Kento, who is known for Kannonzaka Doppo from “Hypnosis Mic-Division Rap Battle-“, collaborated with his favorite fashion brand called “Lui’s”. The pre-orders for following 3 items are currently available at online store “kuumaA”; a jacket, a bucket hat and a pair of glasses.

“Lui’s with Itou Kento”’s line-up includes 3 items, which contain uniqueness of Itou Kento, within simplicity of the designs. “Dolman JKT(jacket)” is the non-color jacket of Lui’s, together with the original design by Itou Kento drawn originally for this collaboration on the inside of the jacket. Its mature design is completed together with a tough, luxurious materials, with its base on relaxing Dolman sleeve cutting.

“KL’ Bucket Hat” is the headwear for upcoming summer with the trendy fake leather, with Kento’s “K” and Lui’s’s “L” being used as a simple logo.
In addition to its cleanable material, its smooth, matte texture brings a sense of luxury, and this hat will certainly make your outfit more glamorousr. A collaboration label hidden inside is another point to check out.

“Eyewear Holic” is a pair of glasses with 4 designs, which realized Itou Kento’s wish as a eyewear lover.
It is a nice accent to your outfit, which is filled with Itou’s obsession from frame colors to a nose pad. Lui’s logo and Itou’s personal autograph is printed small on the temples of the glasses. An eyewear case with original design with the music notes and Phalaenopsis come together with the purchase, and the design was also used for inner side of the jacket.

All items are produced for both sexuality.

The prices are the following:
“Dolman JKT”- 23,980 JPY (tax included)
“KL’ Bucket Hat”-7,920 JPY (tax included) each
“Eyewear Holic”-4,950 JPY (tax included) each
All 3 items are limited items only available at “kuumaA”, and pre-orders are available until July 25, 2022. Shipping is scheduled on October 2022.