It has been announced that Hayami Shou will be playing Kamen Rider Ark-Zero in “Kamen Rider Zero-One”. Hayami marked the 40th anniversary since his debut, and this is the first time for him to participate in the “Kamen Rider” series.

“Kamen Rider Zero-One” has broadcast the special episodes titled “President Special PART.01 & PART.02” on May 17 and 24. The mysterious black rider Ark-Zero appeared in “PART. 01”, and became a hot topic among the fans.

In “PART.02” on May 24, it was released that Hayami Shou played Ark-Zero’s voice. Hayami Shou has played in many works, including the rap project that is recently adopted in the anime called “Hypnosis Mic-Division Rap Battle-“, “Mirage of Blaze”, and “BLEACH”. He is popular for playing many types of roles, from protagonists to a villains.
Hayami commented on his participation, by saying, “I have been yearning to be a part of ‘Kamen Rider’ series since I was little. I am very happy to be a part of it this time”, and excitedly continued, “I want to play Ark perfectly, by working up to the fullest”.

Ark-Zero is a Kamen rider of the darkness who is born from the satellite Ark, which wishes to eliminate humans. He used to be a communication satellite to control the human gears on Earth from the space, but the people realized that he hates humans. His conspiracy was exposed by the protagonist Hiden Aruto’s father called Hideon Soreo and has been sinking into the bottom of the lake.
But the satellite Ark has been working to the final goal to eliminate all humans and becomes Kamen Rider Ark-Zero. How would the Satellite Ark turns into Ark-Zero, and what kind of power will he have?

The special episode titled “Shooting Special” will be broadcast on May 31. This episode will reveal the events up to this point from Kamen Rider Balkan/Fuwa Isamu’s perspective, together with Kamen Rider Valkyrie/ Yaiba Yua.

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【Hayami Shou, playing Kamen Rider Ark-Zero】

I have admired to become part of the “Kamen Rider” since I was young. I am honored to be the part of it by participating in “Zero-One”. I will do my best to play Ark perfectly.

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