‘Zeritickholic’, a new girls’ band, has been introduced to “SHOW BY ROCK!!” by Sanrio. The new cast including, Fairouz Ai and Tanaka Minami, has been announced.

‘Zeritickholic’ consists of four girls, including Giriri, a brilliant scientist, and angels that possess Mirai-type MIDIdolls that she invented.

Gyalako is voiced by Fairouz Ai, Shimakku by Matsuoka Misato, Leppanyo by Maeda Kaori, and Giriri by Tanaka Minami.

Furthermore, from ‘Zeritickholic’, Fairouz, Matsuoka, and Maeda will appeared in a special program “Nikonyama”, and introduce about their band. It was live-streamed on ‘SHOW BY ROCK!! Official YouTube Channel’ from 8:00 pm on Oct. 30, 2020. The MV of the latest three songs by ‘Zeritickholic’ was released on ‘SHOW BY ROCK!! Official YouTube Channel’ from 21:00 on Oct. 30.

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