From the 3rd episode of the TV anime “SHOW BY ROCK! STARS!”, the episode 3 “Do! It! Happy Big Adventure!” synopsis and advance cut.

“SHOW BY ROCK! STARS!” is Sanrio’s first character project for anime and game fans. The setting is the music city of MIDICITY. “Mashumairesh!”, who are training to become a musicians, meet a group of bands with rich personalities. And an extraordinary miracle happens! Will is the miracle?
It is a “SHOW BY ROCK!” ROCK music story by the characters from the TV anime series “SHOW BY ROCK! STARS!” The characters from the TV anime series! Let the live show begin!

The subtitle of the 3rd episode is “Do! It! Happy Big Adventure!”.
The man the master introduces “Mashumairesh!” to is the president of BRR, Maple-san, and the four of them meet the girl band “Plasmagica” from BRR and are immediately taken on a tour of the city.

It’s exciting to think that they are going to be living in this city from now on!
In the midst of all this, all of us at Mashumashu decided to watch a live performance that made our hearts flutter and went to…

“Do! It! Happy Big Adventure!”, the 3rd episode of the TV anime “SHOW BY ROCK!” will start airing on January 21, 2021 (Thu) from 10 p.m. on TOKYO MX and other stations.

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