“Say You to Yoasobi Tuesday (Shimono Hiro and Uchida Maaya) #11”, a show which voice actor Shimono Hiro and Uchida Maaya run, was broadcast on Aug. 25. The hosts experienced the latest photo booth and revealed pose like an “arm heart” during the section called “Let's make a high school girl pose at the latest photo booth!”.

The show had a section titled “Let's make a high school girl pose at the latest photo booth”. Shimono and Uchida looked back the history of the photo booth and commented “Wow, it's nostalgic!”, “It only had white background in the beginning!”, and “I pasted on the battery cover of my phone!”. They moved onto the photo taking section after enjoying photo booth talks.

The latest photo booth machine appeared in front of them after walkking to the basement of the studio. Shimono was impressed by the function of the machine, which allows user to change the size of face and body parts easily.
Moreover, the hosts are asked to make 3 poses called “toothache pose”, “arm heart”, and “rabbit peace”. Uchida said, “I know them!”, while Shimono was confused.

They took pictures one by one to keep a social distance. Uchida smoothly made the instructed poses, and regarding her first “solo photo booth”, she said “I am very lonely”. She was also surprised with the latest function of the machine as she commented “It makes me much more beautiful if I take a step forward” and “Nice function!”.

Shimono entered the machine after Uchida and surprised with “how big my eyes are”. Uchida enjoyed Shimono taking his pictures while feeling embarassed.

The program introduced the photos taken at the end with the title “Shimono and Uchida's high school girl pose collection”. They enjoyed looking at the photos by commenting “Larger eyes make us look younger!” and “It looks as we are wearing make-ups”.
The fans also reacted “Is there any other cute man in the 40's?”, “Embarrassed Shimono-san is cute”, and “It looks nice for Maaya-chan”.

The show also had sections like “Let's Ciao Ciao! Who is a better liar?” and special section of Tuesday called “Dummy Headphone Healing -You Appeared in My Dream Last Night-“.

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