“Say You To YoasobiVoice Actor Fun Night Thursday [Namikawa Daisuke x Ishikawa Kaito] #10 Murase Ayumu as a guest” had been broadcast on “ABEMA” at 10 pm on Aug. 20. This time, the MCs Namikawa and Ishikawa, and the guest Murase Ayumu appeared in YukataNamikawa and Ishikawa showed as MCs, and Murase Ayumi appeared as a guest in Yukata on the 4th day of Yukata Week.

On this broadcast, Murase Ayumu, who played the main character in the TV anime series “Haikyu!!”, had appeared as a guest in commemoration of “Haikyu!! Day” (Aug. 19). Murase, who appeared on the “Say You To YoasobiVoice Actors Fin Night” for the first time, said to Namikawa and Ishikawa, “If I am not playing any gamesthere will not be this game tonight, then I would be in bed around 10 or 11 pm.So I will Let’s stay up a little late today.”

Hinata Shouyou played by Murase and Kageyama Tobio played by Ishikawa in “Haikyu!!” are the main characters who are playing in pairs in the same team. When Namikawa asked these two about their impressions of each other, Murase said that he was “a reluctant friend” and revealed a serious conflict when it comes to actingbetween characters, “When weI talk about a play, I think that both of us arethey’re stubborn.”
On the other hand, Ishikawa commented about Murase’s kindness, “WeThey are friends. (The older) Murase-san was kind to me, so it’s very easy to talk to.” About Namikawa, who has also played of Oikawa Tooru in “Haikyu!!”, Murase said, “Namikawa-san will make the atmosphere brighter. Even when Namikawa-san is not here, you can feel the importance of his presence because Namikawa-san’s topic will be mentionedis raising.”

During the broadcast, the cornera corner of “Haikyu!! Talk!!!” was held where the three people talk about “Haikyu!!”. After introducing each of theirs characterthe characters each acting, they discussed the inside stories of the recording. Namikawa talks about the episode, “When I participated in the recording at a later timeIf you start recording later, the cast of Karasuno High School is already united and sat in a row,” Ishikawa said, “Because if we are not close with each other, it will affectbe affecting the performance of the team, so we started to behave like we area together with the instruction of the sound director, ‘Let’s talk together as a team.”, and Murase added, “The seating position is now fixed,” revealing that the commitment to the “acting” of the team sports products led to the unity of the casts.

Regarding the “Difficult to play scenes”, Murase recalled, “I felt like I’m gonna faint for the first time in my life,” citing “the scene where Hinata and Kageyama screamed at the gym during the last part of season 1first cour last.” Also, in the first episode of the season 44th cour, “Although the time in the workwork time has hardly passed, the real-time has passed, and during that time, my voice changed and I have grown up as an actor. I wanted to get into Hinata, but I wasn’t able to put it in because the experience I had gathered was rather superfluous”, revealing the difficulties faced during this long-lasting series..”

Ishikawa also commented about his struggles inf playing the high school students who constantly collide on season 2the 2nd cour, “I had to use my imagination during the scene when Hinata and Kageyama are seriously fighting as I had never had a fight with anyone in high school.When Hinata and Kageyama are seriously fighting, I had never had a fight with anyone in high school, so I had to imagine things like this.”

And Namikawa, who played the role of Oikawa Tooru, “a team’s pillar with a super-advanced technique, who ready any time”, confessed that he felt like, “I was under the pressure from the start. However, Oikawa’s saying, ‘”Talent will bloom when senses are refined’,” is something that Oikawa-san taught me. So,”. ” I must do my best too.” This is why this role will remain in Namikawa’s heart forever.

In addition to this, program included corners such as “Doing something in YukataSomeone in yukata” based on a questionnaire conducted on Twitter, and “Match with heart!! Attack associative game” in which keywords are guessed while passing balloons like a volleyballballet.

Limited-edition video “Say You To YoasobiVoice Actors Fun Night Premium [Namikawa Daisuke x Ishikawa Kaito] #10” is currently available for “ABEMA” premium member-only.