The manga 「Yuru Camp△」 which had sold over 2.5 million copies will have a live action drama and Fukuhara Haruka will be the lead cast. The author Afro commented, 「I can't wait to see 'Yuru Camp△’ in a different version from the manga and anime」.

The original 「Yuru Camp△」 is a manga by Afro which is currently being serialized in the manga app, 「COMIC FUZ」.
A high school girl, Rin, is enjoying her 'solo camping' at the wintery lakeside. Then, the high school girl, Nadeshiko, who got lost when she rode her bicycle to see Mount Fuji, arrives. The two of them surround the campfire and enjoy cup ramen while viewing the magnificent sight …

The announced live action drama will follow the manga as much as possible and they are also quite picky on the location for the shooting. By watching this drama, it will make you want to go camping. You will feel as if you have been camping without actually doing it. Itseems that the amazing sight that appeared in the original manga will be captured as a video.

Moreover, the cast is Fukuhara who will be acting as the solo camper who wanted to enjoy the camp quietly, Shima Rin. Next, Ohara Yuno will be acting as the high school girl who became interested in camping after meeting Rin, Kagamihara Nadeshiko, Tanabe Momoko will be acting as the president of the high school's association 「Outdoor Activities Circle」 (aka Outdoor Circle), Ogaki Chiaki, Yanai Yumena will be acting as one of the member of the 「Outdoor Circle」, Inuyama Aoi while Shida Sara will be acting as the Rin's friend, Sato Ena.

The live action drama 「Yuru Camp△」 will be broadcast starting from Jan. 9, 2020 on Tokyo TV, Osaka TV, Aichi TV, and more. Each episode can be viewed on Amazon Prime Video on the next day after the terrestrial broadcast.

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【Shima Rin by Fukuhara Haruka】

I am looking forward to see the amazing sights that you can only see while camping and enjoying the time with everyone of similar age! I hope that you can feel the setting of the original works, the charm of camping and also the enjoyment of trying something new with a friend from this drama.

It would make me happy if you can look after the cool yet cute tsundere part of Rin-chan who is growing slowly after meeting an important friend. I will do my best so that every Thursday will become a relaxing time for everyone'shard work! Please look forward to it!

【Kagamihara Nadeshiko by Ohara Yuno】

I feel quite honoredthis time as I haven't had such a fun role among all the auditions that I had taken up until now. The friendliness and charm of Nadeshiko is quite lovely and I believe she had the ability to change various thing that surpassed her friend which sometimes appeared.

I am looking forward to the laid-back part and how the relationship among the 5 peopleare connected. Even though I don't have much experience in camping which is the same as Nadeshiko but I am quite excited about the shooting that will start from now. 「Yuru Camp△」 will be broadcasted in 2020. I hope you will enjoy it.

【Ogaki Chiaki by Tanabe Momoko】

I will be acting as the 'lovely Ogaki whohas great comebacks'.
Happy! Excited! Nervous as well, haha! I feel all of these things inside my heart.

I haven't playedthis type of character before so it will be a new challenge for me. I hope that everyone will enjoy my acting with the setting from the original works and the point of view that 'if Ogaki exist in reality'. Moreover, as this is my first time camping, I will go all out and get addicted to it (haha)!

【Inuyama Aoi by Yanai Yumena】

I am quite happy that Ihave gotten the role of Inuyama Aoi this time.
I felt as if this is fate since I had worked together with the other cast in magazines and dramas before. As this is my first time going on a winter camp and toYamanashi, I am looking forward to the shooting from now on! I will do my best so that I act as the cute Aoi which is identical to the manga and anime!

【Sato Ena by Shida Sara】

When I was small, I went camping with my family and my friend’s family every year. The hidden serenity among the liveliness, the delicious camp food, the special feeling of sleeping in the tent, and the atmosphere that you can only felt at that place are allthings that I like. I am quite lucky that I will be appearing in a work where the theme is camping that is filled with those memories. In order for the viewer to enjoy it, I will do my best to enjoy acting as Sato Ena!

【Author: Afro】

I can't believe they are making a drama.
I can't wait to see 'Yuru Camp△’ in a different version from the manga and anime. It might bring back a sense of nostalgic to those camper who had previously camped in the empty campsite which hasbecome quite uncommon now.

【Producer: Fujino Shinya (Tokyo TV)】

To think that 『Yuru Camp△』 will have a live action drama by Tokyo TV!
I am really! Really!! Overwhelmed by the happiness! I feel so great!

First, I would like to take this chance to thank the author Afro and the staff of Houbunsha. Thank you very much! Since this is a popular manga, there will be pressure but I would like to convert that pressure and make full use of the knowledge of the directors, script writers, producers, and all the staff in the production of this drama. Moreover, we also have a lineup of amazing cast appearing in this drama such as Fukuhara Haruka and the other cast members.

This is a drama that depictsthe daily life of high school girls camping in the great outdoors as if the manga had jump out into reality. I believe this will be a good work where it can heal most of the viewer on Thursday night and create the urge to go camping on the weekend! Please look forward to it!