A collaboration product between the TV animation “Yurucamp △” and the “Hinoura Hamono Studio” brand in Sanjo City, Niigata, “Yurucamp △ ×Ajikataya Rin-chan's hatchet”, will go on sale. It is an authentic hatchet (crafted by a balcksmith)with the character's face and a collaboration logo engraved on it.

The original of the TV anime “Yurucamp △” is serialized by Houbunsha “Manga Time Kirara Forward” “Yurucamp △” . It is an outdoor girls story that depicts the daily life and camp life of high school girls living in Yamanashi Prefecture. The TV anime broadcast on AT-X, TOKYO MX and other stations from Jan. to Mar. 2018 was also popular, with a short TV anime sequal “Heyacamp △” scheduled to be broadcast from Jan. 2020.

This time “Rin-chan's hatchet”, a hatchet used by the character Shima Rin will go on sale. Rin-chan's, deformed face (bun hair ver.) and a collaboration logo are engraved on the authentic hatchet created by Hinoura Hamono Studio in Sanjo City, Niigata, Japan's leading blade smith town.
They have also made a special roll type case, an unusual style for a hatchet case that wraps around and holds it in place, made of thick Tochigi leather. The leather case is also engraved with Rin-chan's deformed face (knit cap ver.) and a collaboration logo.

“Rin-chan's hatchet” is the third collaboration project with blacksmiths. The first was a peg hammer and titanium mug cup, and the second was forged pegs and a special shoulder case.

Probably the first anime goods of a collaboration hatchet, “Rin-chan's hatchet” will go on sale from Nov. 26, 2019.

(C) Afro Houbunsha / Outdoor Activities Committee