The latest movie for TV anime “Laid-back Camp” titled “Laid-back Camp: Movie” was released on July 1, 2022. The comments from the original author Afro and the director Kyougoku Yoshiaki have arrived. Moreover, a total of 22 scene cuts from the movie, which spotted both familiar and new characters, are released.

The TV anime “Laid-back Camp“ depicts female students in Motosu High School go camping either by themselves or with friends, to enjoy tasty meal and beautiful sceneries. “Laid-back Camp: Movie” will depict them trying to open a camping site after growing up.

The comments from the original author Afro and the director Kyougoku Yoshiaki have arrived in advance to the release of the movie on July 1, 2022. The director Kyougoku commented on the challenges to depict the grown-up Nadeshiko and Rin by saying, “I want the characters to be active as they were in the series”.
Afro pointed out the meal time scene as his favorite moment, and mentioned “I recommended to plan a dinner after watching this movie”. Moreover, the special illustration by the director Kyougoku also arrived.

In addition, a total of 22 scene cuts are also released. They are various “laid-backing” scenes, including Rin unintendedly smiling at tasty food that she is eating, Chikuwa going for a walk under a beautiful blue sky, and Rin and Nadeshiko enjoying hot spring.
Furthermore, in addition to the familiar characters from the TV series, including Ms. Toba and Inuyama Akari, there are new original characters. Their role in the movie is another point to pay attention to.

“Laid-back Camp: Movie” is currently shown in the theaters. The talk shows by staff will be held on July 5, 2022 at Shinjuku Pikadely in Tokyo.

【Afro: Original Author】

I have been drawing “Laid-back Camp“ since 2015, and I feel the passage of 7 years by looking at 5 main characters having a job and thinking that if time in the manga is the same as the real world.
I recommend to plan a dinner after the movie because I am sure that “tasty food” in the movie scale will make your hungry.

【Kyougoku Yoshiaki: Director】

“Laid-back Camp: Movie” is now complete.
It was accomplished due to support from all fans. Thank you very much.
This movie is a big challenge, in a way that showing Nadeshiko and Rin graduating and actually having a job.
I sometimes thought, “would this be ‘Laid-back Camp’, even after they graduated?”, but grown-up Nadeshiko and Rin surprisingly behaved like before and show their uniqueness throughout the story.
Please check out their story at the movie theater.

© Afro, Hobunsha/Outdoor Activity Committee