The second season of the TV anime “POP TEAM EPIC” will be broadcast in October 2022.

The original work of “POP TEAM EPIC” is a comic series produced by Ookawa Bukubu and streamed since November 2014 on “Manga Life WIN,” a four-panel webcomic streaming website run by Takeshobo.
The first season of the TV anime was broadcast from January to March 2018, which received public attention and won the awards “Yahoo Search Awards 2018 Anime Section” and the “13th Seiyu Awards Synergy Award.” They furnished the topic of conversation again in 2021 when they reran the remix version of the first season. They changed the voice actors of each episode entirely from the first broadcast and amused the fans with surprise that they could enjoy new stories although it was a repeat broadcast.

This time, the long-awaited broadcast information for the second season was announced. “POP TEAM EPIC” has been entertaining the fans with new and surprising gimmicks, thus these bits are a must-check when watching the second season.

“POP TEAM EPIC” will also join the exhibit in the King Amusement Creative Booth of “AnimeJapan 2022” on March 26th and 27th. There will be a talk session from 1:05 PM of March 26th and 1 PM of March 27th in which the characters’ costumes will participate. The voice actors of the costumes will be Hikasa Yoko (cv. Popuko) and Sato Satomi (cv. Pipimi) for the 26th and Koyama Rikiya (cv. Popuko) and Takagi Wataru (cv. Pipimi.)
They have also announced the distribution of the original shopper of “POP TEAM EPIC” after the talk show on the 26th. Fans are highly recommended to visit the event.

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