The second season of the TV anime Spy Classroom will start airing in July 2023. A teaser visual and a special trailer have been unveiled.

Spy Classroom is based on the novel of the same title that won the 32nd Fantasia Grand Prize. Set in a world where “the war of darkness” is waged by spies from multiple countries, this fantasy depicts a game of deception between girls with no practical experience who belong to “Lamplight”, an organization that specializes in impossible missions, and Klaus, the founder of the organization.

The first season aired from January to March 2023. This time, it has been announced that the second season will be on air in July.

The new teaser visual shows Annette, Erna, Thea, and Monika walking happily along the seaside. The special trailer shows them on an urgent mission to find the missing elites, boosting fans’ expectation for the upcoming season, which will focus on a secret mission.

Furthermore, reruns of the first season will start on April 19. This will be a great opportunity for fans to review the first season before the second season begins.

(C) Takemachi, Tomari/KADOKAWA/”Spy Classroom” Production Committee