“Say You to Yoasobi Monday ‘Yasumoto Hiroki X Maeno Tomoaki’ #23” featuring the voice actors Yasumoto Hiroki and Maeno Tomoaki was broadcast on October 4, 2021 on the “Anime LIVE Channel” of the new futuristic TV “ABEMA”.
During this broadcast, various corners, such as “Our Showa”, where they had a duel with the Menko’s master during the talk and play corner regarding Showa’s thing, and the program original romance stimulation game “Make Hiroko Fall for You! Tomoaki Memorial”, were held.

“Our Showa” is a talk and play corner on the Showa’s thing that Yasumoto and Maeno had enjoyed when they were young. Previously, Yasumoto had appeared on the “#7” of the Thursday broadcast as a guest, and challenged playing Menko at that time, but it didn’t end up well and caused him to regret about it.
During this broadcast, after hearing the “I want to have revenge” request of Yasumoto, the staff had invited the master, who had won the nationwide Menko tournament twice in a row, Nishikawa Manabu as a guest and he taught them the techniques before they challenged the Menko again.

Menko is played by flipping the card over by sending wind to the gap between the ground and the card, but due to the flat ground of the studio, the difficulty is much harder as there are no gaps. Yasumoto and Maeno are having difficulty as they are not able to flip the card, but toward the master, who was able to flip the cards consecutively, they commented “That’s amazing! How do you do that?” and “The sound is quite different!” while being surprised.
After that, both of them were taught on the posture and holding techniques, such as “the card should drop at 45 degree”, “Aim toward the corner of the card”, and “Swing your hand fast in the half-standing posture”, and they challenged the master with the tournament rule.

The tournament rule of Menko is the player tries to decrease the opponent’s hand cards that was placed on top of the pedestal by flipping it over or make it fall out of the area. If the card of the attacker falls out of the pedestal, it is considered as a fail attempt.
As a handicap, the duel was done in a 2 vs 1 format, where Yasumoto and Maeno are in a team vs the master, who has fewer starting hand cards. However, both of them were unable to move the card at all, and grieved “It really is difficult!”, “I want to make one card fall out…”

After that, the fierce attack from the master has started, and with the consecutive successful attempt in making Yasumoto’s card fall out of the zone, the master had depleted Yasumoto’s hand cards immediately. Then, Maeno also faced the same fate and he was also unable to decrease even one of the hand cards of the master.
Both of them had suffered a grave defeat, but they were quite excited and commented “You are really quite good~” and “The attack is so pin-pointed!” toward the various amazing techniques of the master. In the end, both of them looked back by saying “Menko is really quite interesting~”, “It is really highly strategic!”, “I hope it will become popular!” as it seems that they had fallen for the Menko.

During the second half of the program, “TomoMemo” also known as “Make Hiroko Fall for You! Tomoaki Memorial” was held. This is an original romance stimulation game that was prepared for Maeno, who likes “Tokimeki Memorial” a lot. The objective is to have the blonde braided young girl Hiroko, dressed by Yasumoto, fall for the player Maeno. For the game system, it featured three-choice questions, where Maeno have to predict the answers of the listeners that were obtained from the survey, and if the answers match, then the affection of Hiroko will increase. The point was to understand the personality of Yoshiko while reading the mind of the listeners.

Yasumoto appeared while wearing the blonde braided wig with the setting of being a bassist of an England rock band. Toward this unexpected unique character, Maeno was confused for a moment, he said “It seems you had been busy with practice today as well” gently, and progressed through the game. With the analysis of Yoshiko as “A sensitive and cultural girl” and “There are times where Yoshiko can be quite aggressive”, he tried to guess the mind of the listeners as he chooses the answer.
After that, Maeno enjoyed the game while being toyed around by the unreasonable Yoshiko. In the end, he was able to make Yoshiko fall for him, and mentioned about this expectation toward the next time by saying “The reverse version of Tomoaki Memorial seems to be fun as well!” and “Please add this corner when a guest comes next time…”

Other than that, during the broadcast, they had also revealed the program’s original goods, the shoulder bag with the design’s idea by Yasumoto and Maeno. Both of them have a strong desire to create a good with the thought of “It can be used daily!”, and toward the completed shoulder bag with a simple silhouette of the two, both of them commented “I will use this!”, “It can store quite a lot of stuff”, and “It had caught my attention.” happily.
Pre-orders for the “Shoulder Bag with Monday Original Design” is available on “Abema Shopping” until 11:59 PM, October 11, 2021.

“Anime LIVE Channel”/ “Say You to Yoasobi Monday ‘Yasumoto Hiroki X Maeno Tomoaki’ #23”
Broadcast on October 4, 2021 (Monday)
Performers: Yasumoto Hiroki, Maeno Tomoaki
※ Limited streaming on “ABEMA Premium” only.