The movie “Space Players” about LeBron James, the best NBA player, challenging e-sports together with the popular characters from Warner Brothers will be released on upcoming August 27, 2021. The voice actors for the dub version have been announced, and the familiar guests, including Tsuda Kenjirou for Al G. Rhythm (originally played by Don Cheadle) and Yamaguchi Kappei for Bugs Bunny and other Looney Tunes characters have assembled. The comments from the casts also have arrived.

“Space Players” is the sports comedy movie that revolves around LeBron James, who is known to be the best NBA player at all times, playing himself. Since the establishment in 1923, the Warner Brothers has been producing various masterpieces, and its works and characters reassembled by jumping over the border between the movies and generations. The new e-sports battle at “infinite virtual world” will now begin.

The casts for the dub version are the follows: Kusunoki Taiten for LeBron James, Tsuda Kenjirou for Al G. Rhythm (originally played by Don Cheadle), Kaida Yuuko for Wonder Woman, and Yashiro Taku for LeBron’s son Darius.

Moreover, for the casts for Looney Tunes characters, who will support LeBron on the journey to look for the best teammates, Yamaguchi Kappei will play Bugs Bunny, Fukami Yumi for Lola Bunny, Takagi Wataru for Daffy Ducks, Korogori Satomi for Tweety, Mitsuya Yuuji for Speedy Gonzales, Ogata Michiru for Marbin the Martian, Genda Tesshou for Foghorn Leghorn, Ehara Masashi for Sylvester, Tatsuta Naoki for Porky Pig, Ishii Yasutsugu for Yosemite Sam, Kyouda Naoko for Granny, and Cho for Elmar Fudd. The famous members assembled at this time, including the legendary actors who have been playing the same role over 25 or even 30 years.

Furthermore, the characters of the opponent team “Goons Squad”, played by NBA and WNBA players, are played by the former Japan national players, including Nakaza Yuuji (Soccer), Maruyama Karina (Girls Soccer), Murakami Kanako (Girls Skating), Tanaka Naoki (from the comedian tag Cocorico), and Noda Crystal (from the comedian group Magical Lovely). Please pay attention to the voice actors that gathered regardless of their genre and categories.

Both sub and dub versions of the movie “Space Players” will be released from August 27, 2021.

【Yamaguchi Kappei (Bugs Bunny)】

The dub version are played by the familiar members! I wanted to tell you about this as soon as possible! This recording was one of the most memorable ones among those in 25 years with Bugs. Looney Tunes members are now here. Please come see us at the theaters!

【Shimizu Yumi (Lola Bunny)】

I have played the crazy girl Lola, who keeps chasing Bugs, and cool Lola in “Space Players” was very new to me. How wonderful it is…to see Rooney Tunes members again and fight in E-sports!!

【Takagi Wataru (Daffy Duck)】

Twenty five years has passed since I started playing Daffy Duck. He is almost my lifework and I love him a lot. The familiar characters, including Rooney, will be active in live-action world. Please enjoy a dream-like time of Warner.

【Koorogi Satomi (Tweety)】

I always have a hard time returning to the society because I cannot forget “Tweety language” after the recording sessions.
Rooney and his friends will always be with you.
At all times, when you are happy or sad.

【Mitsuya Yuuji (Speedy Gonzales)】

I cannot remember when I first played Gonzales. He is always funny. I watched his movies several times to learn about him, but I can always enjoy it. Both adults and children can enjoy it…his movie is as wonderful as that.
My role, Gonzales, is like spice on the eel bowl. Spice is small but spicy. Please look for him, even though he is small.

【Ogata Mitsuru (Marvin Martian)】

I believe it was 5 years ago, when I succeeded the 3rd Marvin role.
The virtual collaboration of the lovely characters, who make anything interesting with unique ideas, and the NBA stars are the exactly what we all wished for. The possibility is unmeasurable.

【Genda Tesshou (Foghorn Leghorn)】

I was first unsure how the anime and live-action scenes match, but Looney Tune members practiced so hard and participated in the team dramatically.
The movie is in a good tempo, enjoyable, and will never betray your expectations! Please visit the theaters with excitement in your heart.

【Ehara Masashi (Sylvester)】

Looney friends keep powering up even after 30+years, when I first met with Sylvester! This is the best panic and excitement, please look forward to it!

【Tatsuta Naoki (Porky Pig)】

Porky Big! You were here even before I was born!
So, if I calculated correctly, you are…80-plus years old!? Are you serious?
You don’t look that old! You are cute, energetic, and young!
Ah P.P. please make me young with your magic!

【Ishii Yasutsugu (Yosemite Sam)】

It was 2014 when I first played Yosemite Sam.
The particular plot of American comedy anime existed, and it is stupid and funny, in good means. Pleas enjoy the movie without thinking complex!

【Kyouda Naoko (Granny)】

I can tell that making this movie was not easy.
The recording session was like playing sports.
I tried to play this Granny younger and energetic than other series.
Please look forward each character’s essential scenes!

【Cho (Elmer Fudd)】

Elmar Fad, you have been long friends with me. But I recently learned that Varney and Elmar are played by the same actor. How surprising! It is wonderful! She enjoys it! She plays with it!

【Tanaka Naoki (Anthony Davis/The Blow)】

I was happy when I received an offer to the dub version of the movie, because I paid attention to the news that LeBron will be starred in the movie. I feel like I am in a dream. I am sure that I screamed, “Yes!!” out loud. I was surprised a person will say that in real.
The popularity of E-sports increased due to the change in society, and the movie was done in different type compared with Jordan’s “SPACE JAM”, with anime being added to the combination of sports and game with the large scale movies.
I look forward to how the characters appear in the movie, because I love Game of Thrones and DC series as well.

【Nakazawa Yuuji (Damian Lillard/Chronos)】

It is my honor to compete with LeBron as a former soccer player, and the recording really made me feel that I am in the real game with him. I always pay attention to LeBron’s defense skills, since I used to be a defense player. I am thinking to stop him by surrounding with a few other players because he is like Christiano Ronaldo in basketball.
I believe the virtual world will come to us soon, and I was excited to be the part of it as a game-lover.

【Noda Crystal (Klay Thompson/Wet Fire)】

I am glad I got opportunity to compete with him because I have thought of defeating him as a basketball player for a long time. I want to dunk over his head by seeing him in real. Since I was asked to be funnier as a comedian, it might be a mistake to play the character seriously as a voice actor.
It was my first try as a voice actor, but the recording session could be the one title of video game.
It might be interesting if a video game to play the recording session in particular period of time was made.

【Maruyama Karina (Nneka Ogwumike/Arachneka)】

I am glad my dream of participating in a recording session was finally became real. I loved works focused on each character, and I wanted to add my voice into the characters living inside the movie. I was in sweat after the recording, as if I were in the 90-minute game.
My role, Arachneka, is a character based on a spider and is like me in active soccer player. She has sharp eyebrows like me in the past (laughter).
I love Penny Wise and Kong in the movie, so I was happy to be in the movie together with them.

【Maruyaka Kanako (Diana Taurasi/White Mamba)】

I love anime and I remember watching Looney Tunes with my older sister. The story is always unique, and is vivid with color, and I like Tweety the most. This is my first time to be a voice actor, and was first try to express with voice, although I have experience of expressing with my body.
I tried lower my voice to play a role of a villain even though I have an easy-going personality.
I squatted without holding the script, and that actually worked well.
I think you will be pulled into the screen if you watch it at the theaters, so please look forward to the release.

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