From the TV “Mieruko-chan” anime comes the 3rd teaser visual. It is available in 2 types, which are “Visible ver.” and “Not Visible ver.” as well this time. Also, it was decided that the ending theme song is also a solo character song of the main protagonist Yotsuya Miko, voiced by Amamiya Sora, just like the opening theme song.

“Mieruko-chan” is based on the horror-comedy manga by Izumi Tomoki that is currently serialized on Comic Walker after the short version that is posted on Twitter had received great feedback. It depicts the high school girl, Yotsuya Miko evading the scary strange beings that are not visible to regular people, by utilizing her nerve of steel and ignoring skill.

The 3rd teaser visual was released in conjunction with “Kaidan no Hi (Ghost Story Day)” on August 13. Similar to the 1st and 2nd teaser visual, it is available in both “Visible ver.” and “Not Visible ver.” as well this time.

Also, the title of the ending theme was announced. The song is “Mitana? Mitayone?? Miteruyone??? (You saw it? You saw it right? You are looking at it now right?)”, and it is a solo character song of Yotsuya Miko (voiced by Amamiya Sora), whose solo character song was also announced as the opening theme song. The CD that contains the opening theme song “Mienaikarane!? (I can’t see it okay!?” and this ending theme song, will be released on October 27 with an original anime illustration cover.

Also, the first video of the ghost stories recital program, “Kusari (Chain)” by Yurikawa Hana (voiced by Hondo Kaede) is currently available on the YouTube channel “KADOKAWAanime”. The motif of the video is based on the strange being in the 3rd teaser visual, and it is an original scenario written by the ghost stories teller, Ami.

TV anime “Mieruko-chan” will start in October 2021, on TOKYO MX, BS NTV, AT-X, dAnimeStore, and other channels.

●Broadcast Information
TV Anime Broadcast starts in October 2021, on TOKYO MX, BS NTV, AT-X, dAnimeStore, and other channels!!

Original Creator: Izumi Tomoki (Serialized on WebComic Avant/ KADOKAWA Publishing)
Director: Ogawa Yuuki
Assistant Director: Majima Takahiro
Sub-Director: Matsushima Shintarou (Gyorai Eizo)
Series Composer: Ihara Kenta
Character Designer, Chief Animation Director: Kadekaru Chikashi
Sub Character Designer: Kametani Kyouko, Chikkyo Futoshi, Tin
Strange Beings Designer: Uno Makoto, Moriki Yasuhiro, Chikkyo Futoshi, Hirata Katsuzou, Iijima Hiroya, Oda Hiroyasu (Studio Mogana)
Prop Designer: Umetsu Yukinori
Clothing Designer: Takashina Yuka
Chief Animation Director: Yanagisawa Masahide, Hashimoto Hideki, Hirata Katsuzou, Kametani Kyouko, Takashina Yuka
Editor: Tan Ayako
Color Designer: Utagawa Ritsuko
Background: Iwasawa Misui (KUSANAGI), Watanabe Yoshihiro (EKACHI EPILKA)
Art Director: Okamoto Maya (KUSANAGI)
Concept Composite: Takatsu Junpei
Photograph Director: Yang Xiaomu (Graphinica)
Music: Utakane Kana
Music Production: KADOKAWA
Sound Director: Gou Fumiyuki
Sound Effect: Takuma Maki (Swara Pro)
Sound Production: Magic Capsule
Animation Production: Passione

●Cast Member
Amamiya Sora (Voice of Yotsuya Miko)
Hondo Kaede (Voice of Yurikawa Hana)
Sakura Ayane (Voice of Niguredou Yuria)

(C) Izumi Tomoki, KADOKAWA Publishing/ Mieruko-chan Production