It was announced that the TV anime “World Trigger 3rd Season” will start on October 9, 2021 and the teaser has been released. Also, the first music event of the series “World Trigger THE MUSIC EXPO” and the 2nd YouTube live streaming event “World Trigger Channel Vol.2” featuring gorgeous cast members have also been announced.

The teaser depicts the members of Tamakoma Second, Kuga Yuuma, Mikumo Osamu, and Amatori Chika along with Hyuse. Hyuse is a captive of Tamakoma Branch during the large scale invasion, and despite being a Neighbors of the largest military country in the Neighbor World, Aftokrator, he had enrolled as a member of Border at the final episode of the 2nd season.

The starting scenes of Hyuse wearing the Bagworms while standing next to Yuuma is just like the phrase of the “Start of the battle of the New Tamakoma Second!” The co-operative battle of the two, who were once rival, will surely hype up the audiences.

Then, following the phrase of “The rivals of Mikumo Squad”, it showed the appearance of the various famous characters. It shows the fierce fight of the melee ace attacker Murakami Kou holding “Kogetsu” and the full attack by the leader & gunner Kuruma Tatsuya from Suzunari First. The one being intercepted are Kageura Masato wielding the shape-shifting Scorpion, heavy gunner Kitazoe Hiro with high firepower, and the sniper Ema Yuzuru holding the sniper in the dark from Kageura Squad.

Then, it shows a fierce fight revolves around the leader of Tamakoma Second, Osamu and the attacker of Azuma Squad, Koarai Noboru. With the snipe from Ema Yuzuru and the scorpion attack of Kageura Masato, it shows alternative offense and defense battle.
In the end, will Osamu, Yuuma, Chika and Hyuse, the members of the new Tamakoma Second, be able to overcome their strong rivals and be placed within the top two of the B rank that allows them to participate in the expedition? Don’t miss out on the broadcast starting on October 9 to see the winner team of this hottest battle.

Also, the first music event of “World Trigger” series, “World Trigger THE MUSIC EXPO” will be held on October 17 along with the broadcast of “3rd Season”. It will be a fusion between the orchestra performance by World Trigger Symphonic Band, led by the composer Kawai Kenji and the numerous famous anime scenes.
This will surely be a premium concert that fans can’t miss out as you will be able to enjoy the original live orchestra performance with the famous anime scenes.

Moreover, the 2nd YouTube live streaming event “World Trigger Channel Vol.2” will be held on September 8, featuring the cast members, Muranaka Tomo (as Kuga Yuuma), Kaji Yuuki (as Mikumo Osamu), Tamura Nao (as Amatori Chika), and Kirimoto Takuya (as Kido Masamune). They will reveal the latest information of the eagerly anticipated “3rd Season”. “World Trigger Channel Vol.1” is also available for the archive streaming, so please do check them out.

“World Trigger 3rd Season”
Broadcast starts from October 9, 2021 (Saturday) on TV Asahi affiliated channels
Original Creator: Ashihara Daisuke (Serialized on Shueisha’s “Jump SQ.”/ Jump Comics Publishing.
Production: Toei Animation

“World Trigger THE MUSIC EXPO”
Date: October 17, 2021 (Sunday)
Venue: Tokyo Garden Theatre
Performers: Kawai Kenji/ World Trigger Symphonic Band/ and more

“World Trigger Channel Vol.2”
Streaming Website: Toei Animation Official YouTube Channel
Date: September 8 (Wednesday)
Performers (Planned): Muranaka Tomo, Kaji Yuuki, Tamura Nao, Kirimoto Takuya

(C) Ashihara Daisuke/ Shueisha, TV Asahi, Toei Animation