From the TV anime “Ranking of Kings”, the first PV and key visuals have been released. Also, it has been announced that Miyake Kenta, Honda Takako, Sakamoto Maaya, Shimoyama Yoshimitsu, and Sakurai Takahiro will voice as additional cast members, and comments have arrived from each of them. In addition, the opening theme song has been selected as “BOY” by King Gnu.

“Ranking of Kings” is an adventure fantasy based on a manga by Toka Sosuke that is currently being serialized on the manga posting service “Manga Hack”. The story depicts how the main character, Prince Bojji, who is scorned as “not fit to be a king” due to his deafness and inability to wield a sword properly, meets his first friend, Kage, and through a small act of courage, changes his life drastically.

The first PV shows the beginning of the story, and you can also listen to the opening theme song “BOY” by King Gnu.

The first key visual depicts a waving Bojji and Kage, and the official website has been renewed to coincide with the unveiling.

Additional cast members include Miyake Kenta as Boss, the king of the Kingdom of Boss and Bojji’s father; Honda Takako as Shiina, the former queen of the now deceased Kingdom of Boss and Bojji’s birth mother; Sakamoto Maaya as Magic Mirror who gives advice to Bojji’s younger brother Daida behind the scenes; Shimoyama Yoshimitsu as Death-har, the king of the Underworld; and Sakurai Takahiro as Death-par, Death-har’s younger brother. Stay tuned to the supporting voice actors too.

The TV anime “Ranking of Kings” will start airing on Fuji TV’s “Noitamina” and other stations in October 2021.

<The full text of the comments as follows>

[Comment from Miyake Kenta as Boss]

My name is Miyake Kenta, and I’m voicing King Boss.
He is one of the most profound and difficult characters among the great heroes I have voiced, so I am trying my best to voice him although I am a bit confused.
I hope you will enjoy this new kind of fantasy with a soft touch that captures your heart sharply.

[Honda Takako as Shiina]

When I read the original story, I felt all the characters were adorable and wanted to protect each of them.
It was a very strange feeling.
Now that I’m in the work as a voice actress, I don’t want to let go of Bojji and I want to hug him. I am overflowing with such feelings.
I hope everyone will see it.

[Sakamoto Maaya as Magical Mirror]

I read the original story and was completely fascinated by it. All the characters have lovable contradictions that make them human, and that’s why I can sympathize with them and be close to them.
I’m sure that the mysterious “Magic Mirror” will change into something that you want to be close to as the story progresses. I will do my part with good care, appreciating my happiness of being able to participate in this work.

[Shimoyama Yoshimitsu as Death-har]

I felt twinges of horror when I read the manga.
But even in this harsh world, there is kindness and compassion, and it’s a wonderful work that gives a sense of refreshment.
I’m honored to be able to voice “Death-har”, who represents a kind of strength in such a world.
I’m looking forward to seeing how he will weave a story with Bojji that represents weakness.

[Sakurai Takahiro as Death-par]

Death-par is a vulgar and snobbish person who can’t get enough of money, but I was impressed by his piercing eyes that he sometimes shows.
He is the key to Bojji’s growth.
Please pay attention to how he works as a good mentor too.

[Tsuneda Hiroki from King Gnu]

When I received the offer to sing the theme song, it was the first time I learned of “Ranking of Kings”, and I was surprised to find such a wonderful manga. I’m happy to be involved in this work, which is full of strength, kindness, love, and sadness, which is so necessary in today’s standoffish age. It’s been a long time since King Gnu has released a new song called “BOY”, which is the sweetest, most adorable and great song ever. I hope you enjoy it!

[Broadcasting Information]
To be aired on Fuji TV “Noitamina” and other stations from October 2021

Author: “Ranking of Kings” by Toka Sosuke (Beam Comics/KADOKAWA)
Director: Hatta Yosuke
Series Composition: Kishimoto Taku
Character Design/Executive Creative Director: Nozaki Atsuko
Sub Character Design/Executive Creative Director: Kawake Masaki
Assistant Director: Imai Arifumi
Chief Director: Fuchigami Makoto
Main Animator: Oshiro Masaru / Ogasawara Shin / Fujii Nozomu
Art Director: Kaneko Yuji
Art Setting : Fujii Kazushi
Color Design: Hashimoto Satoshi
Director of Photography: Izumita Kazuto / Ueda Noriyuki
Editing : Hirose Kiyoshige
Music : MAYUKO
Sound Director: Ebina Yasunori
Sound Effects : Ogata Yasunori
Animation Producer: Okada Maiko
Animation Production: WIT STUDIO

Bojji: Hinata Minami
Kage: Murase Ayumu
Daida: Kaji Yuki
Hilling: Sato Rina
Domas: Eguchi Takuya
Bebin: Ueda Yoji
Apis: Yasumoto Hiroki
Drusi: Tadokoro Hinata
Hokuro: Yamashita Daiki
Boss: Miyake Kenta
Shiina: Honda Takako
Magic Mirror: Sakamoto Maaya
Death-har: Shimoyama Yoshimitsu
Death-par: Sakurai Takahiro

(C) Toka Sosuke, published by KADOKAWA / Anime “Ranking of Kings” Production Committee