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You are tired of sweat falling off your body after taking a step outside home, wishing, “I want to go home…”. I found Mikey (Sano Manjirou) with his bangs up off the forehead when watching “Tokyo Revengers”. I was charmed by his beauty even by fully showing his face…I admire his facial expression with organized style.

There are charms to the real men with their bangs up off the foreheads, which represents freshness and cleanness.

This article will introduce 5 characters with beautiful foreheads who are carefully chosen by the writer.

■”Tokyo Revengers” Sano Manjirou

Mikey from “Tokyo Revengers” introduced in the beginning of this article has THE delinquent style, with his long, blond hair and bangs roughly tied up with a hairband. He is the boss of “Tokyo Manji Gang” as a high school student and he is so strong that he has nickname “Mighty Mikey”. He is the role model of the gangs from his appearance to his personality.

“Tokyo Revengers” have characters with gang-like hairstyles, including Mohican, Regent style, and close-cropped hairstyle, etc., but many of them are not fresh, because they have scary eyes. (laughter)

In contrast, Mikey has identity with childishness, dropping eyes, and kind facial expressions, giving off a vibe that is different from the other characters.

While often believed that his youngness is because of the design from the original manga, the freshness also exists in the live-action movie! I want to punch me back then, when saying, “Long blond hairstyle with open forehead does not look good even on handsome Yoshizawa Ryou-san”!
The producer of the live-action version, Okada Shouta-san, commented on the production note that, “Mikey=Yoshizawa-san was so perfect that this movie might have failed if he had declined our offer”. (Live-action movie “Tokyo Revengers” is currently showing)

■”Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” Kamado Tanjirou

Many people in Japan would answer his name if asked, “which character has a memorable forehead?”. Yes, he is the protagonist of “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”, which marked the highest box-office revenue in Japanese movie history. (Ranking in August 2021)

Tanjirou already had a unique scar on his forehead from episode 1. This is the burn from the time when he protected his younger brother from tipping brazier. Moreover, after clearing the final selection exam, his scar got larger and changed into what we know now.

This scar has a surprising secret. This part has not yet been adapted into anime, so please check this out with upcoming anime! I would not say anything to avoid spilers.

Also, Tanjirou was the character with a close relationship with forehead, including being good headbutt.

■”Jujutsu Kaisen” Getou Suguru

We found the character with charming forehead in the hottest anime of the time, “Jujutsu Kaisen”! He is one of the 4 Special Grade sorcerers in Japan and is also the worst sorcerer who got expelled from Tokyo Jujutsu High, after murdering more than 100 ordinary citizens.

His hairstyle is so fashionable, having part of his long black hair arranged into a half up bun with the remaining part of his hair hanging. It should be his obsession to have a part of hair being left as way it is. However, he is teased that “your front hair is weird”.

A scar on his forehead draws our eyes. We see stiches…but I will shut my mouth because this anime has not yet been shown in the anime.

■”SHAMAN KING” Asakura You

The character with a simple one-length cut is Asakura You from “SHAMAN KING”. His hairstyle is not special, but what we should pay attention to is his forehead in M-shape that looks like Mt. Fuji!

The forehead in Mt. Fuji shape is often said that they have old view in love and family: they love family, hate having a quarrel, and tend to rely on others. Is it precisely explaining the personality of Asakura You!?

He thinks to save his twin brother Hao from loneliness and pain, and traveling around lawless regions with Anna to deliver “Love & Peace”, etc.… I believe there is no other character that matches the uniqueness of Mt. Fuji forehead other than Asakura You.

■”YuYu Hakusho” Urameshi Yuusuke

As the extra edition, please let me introduce my favorite character, Urameshi Yuusuke from “YuYu Hakusho”.

Yuusuke is also a delinquent like Mikey, but there is no charisma in him… In the original manga, he drinks, smokes, steals food and money, and does groping, although he is a minor; he is the example of the gang.
His hairstyle is the Regent style, which is put into shape with hair wax, like the style popular in 1990’s. Some feel strangeness, although they have seen gangs in “Tokyo Revengers”.

However, the charm of Yuusuke is the gap that he sometimes shows, which is drastically different him being a delinquent. He has a strong sense of justice, cares a lot about the weak and hardworking people, and shows courage to stand against those who injured his friends.

His forehead is off-topic from what I discussed in this article, but Yuusuke with his natural hairstyle, which can be seen in severe training and battle scenes, are so handsome! His beasty personality can be forgotten with it.
Yuusuke’s charm is several gaps showing and hiding over time.

■If you feel southern wind from foreheads, you are the professional Dekorist (Forehead lover)

It was off-topic in the extra edition (laughter), but this article introduced 5 characters with appealing foreheads.
Each person loves different parts of the characters. If you can relate yourself to my fetichism, “forehead”, please look for other characters with nice foreheads!

You may feel southern wind and freshness from forehead in this season♪