TV Anime “Shaman King” released new key visuals and additional voicing cast members for its new arc which focuses on the Shaman Fight’s main matches.

The TV Anime “SHAMAN KING” is based on the original manga of same name by Takei Hiroyuki, which has sold over 38 million copies. In April 2021, a new television series premiered at TV Tokyo network channels.
The plot revolves around the Shaman Fight, a battle held once every 500 years, in which shamans, mediums of gods and spirits, compete in order to become the ruler of all things in the universe, the Shaman King.

The new arc story unfolds as the Shaman Fight tournament enters the main matches. The story progresses upon Yoh and his group’s arrival at the Patch tribe’s village after a long journey.

Besides Marco and Iron Maiden Jeanne, the remaining members of the “X-LAWS” and its respective voicing cast were announced .

The new characters set to appear are: John DenbatDent (Konishi Katsuyuki), Larch Dirac (Takaguchi Kosuke), Porf Griffith (Miyazono Takumui), Chris Venster (Mogami Tsuguo), Cebin Mendel (Takagi WataruWataru Takagi), and Meemo Montgomery (Nagai Mariko).

“Shaman Fight Main Tournament Arc” starts on episode 18. What awaits Yoh and his friends at the Patch village?

(C) Takei Hiroyuki – Kodansha / SHAMAN KING Project – TV Tokyo