It has announced that the actor Uesugi Shuhei will appear in “YuYu Hakusho”, the original Netflix series.

The legendary manga “YuYu Hakusho”, which was serialized for 4 years from 1990 on “Weekly Shonen Jump” (published from Shueisha), starts with a shocking scene, where the protagonist dies in the very first episode. Together with the magnificent world view of going around human world, demon world, and spirit world, the unique and charming characters cooperate and overcome the upcoming obstacles.

The fierce battles and growth of the characters caught the readers’ emotions, leading to the significant hit for both male and female fans. The legendary manga is now back with Netflix drama series.

The announcement regarding the casts are the following; Kitamura Takumi will play Urameshi Yuusuke, Shison Jun will play Kurama, Honda Kanata will play Hiei, and now it has announced that Uesugi will play Kuwahara Kazuma. Kuwahara is the self-claimed rival of Yusuke, with the quarrelsome and easy-going personality. At the same time, he is also kind, manly, and can care about others.

In the impressive character art released this time, the design of Kuwahara is revealed, with the unique blue school uniform with the modern regent hairstyle.

Uesugi commented to his role by saying, “I am honored to play Kuwahara Kazuma, who is so cool that he is honest, filled with love for others, and can have strong certainty on what he has believed, and I realized after growing up”. Then he continued to the comments regarding the shooting site, “the shooting environment was so luxurious, with the background set with the size I have never seen before, the style originally used to create computer graphics, and with the legendary members assembled all at once. I always cheered myself up that I am the member of the great team”.

■Uesugi Shuhei (Kuwahara Kazuma) Full Comments

-Your reaction when you were invited to the series
In addition to the fact that I never believed that I could be the part of the work I read when I was an elementary school student, I am honored to play Kuwahara Kazuma, who is so cool that he is honest, filled with love for others, and can have strong certainty on what he has believed, and I realized after growing up. At the same time, I also feel pressured because I did not know how I should face the role I was given, which is long loved by the fans around the world, and how my role should turn out to get good reaction. Also, I was excited to be the part of Netflix series, which is the format used around the world.

-The charms of “YuYu Hakusho”, the long-seller series for 30+ years
The personality of each character is clear and it is true that all characters are unforgettable once you see. It has been 20 years since the first time I read the manga at my friends house, and I still remember the strange feeling of meeting older Toguro brother, who was scary and mysterious, and younger Toguro brother, who both had the high combat skills and clear charisma. There are the unforgettable stories and scenes of all characters, and this is the reason this manga is loved for long time.

-For playing the role of Kuwahara
I faced with Kuwahara’s kindness and honesty, which is aimed to get stronger to protect the people whom he loved. At the same time, I learned it is very difficult, lonely and sad to accomplish his goal. As you know that Kuwahara is not good at hiding his emotions, I considered and discussed with other members and directors regarding how Kuwahara will act at each scene and cut.

-At the filming location
I was excited everyday to participate in the filming session, which was conducted with the largest scale and schedule in my life. The session was so gorgeous that it had the huge set, the CG filming sessions and great members assembled for the series. I always cheered myself up that I am the part of the wonderful team. I communicated as the whole team, and I feel that the sessions was fantastic that all member worked to the best to create the best work.

-Message toward the fans around the world
I am so happy that the live-action version of “YuYu Hakusho” will be delivered to the fans around the world. I am certain that this work can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of your backgrounds. I can also recommend that any person, including the original manga fan to new fans, can enjoy this work. Please look forward to the release.