“SHAMAN KING” releases wristwatch in a collaborative endeavor with character-themed jewelry maker U-Treasure. The stylish item features design inspired by the world of Shaman King.

“SHAMAN KING” is based on the original manga by Takei Hiroyuki. The story centers around the “Shamans”, mediums of gods and spirits, who partake in the Shaman Fight, a tournament to decide the next “Shaman King”. The rebooted TV anime series started broadcasting in April 2021.

The wristwatch has a black base and was designed after the aesthetics of the world of “SHAMAN KING”. The center of the dial board displays the emblem of the Asakura family and Hao’s pentagram, while the second hand of the watch is shaped based on the appearance of a Spirit Balls. This item is perfect for everyday use. The product is priced at 29700JPY (tax included), and orders are open until September 24. Available at U-Treasure’s Concept Store Ikebukuro and U-Treasure’s Online Shop.