Various anime programs of summer 2022 have started the broadcast. Did you manage to find the anime that you are fond of?
To those who are thinking of “I wanted to watch something interesting!”, my recommendation would be “Lycoris Recoil” (Shorts for “LycoReco”). This is an original work, where the director is Adachi Shingo, the character designer known for “Sword Art Online” and other anime.

This article will point out three highlights that would make you want to watch “LycoReco”! As this anime can be streamed on various streaming website, there is still time for you to catch up to it.

The totally different daily life filled is so interesting!
The first highlight that I want to point out is the various disparity that appears in the anime. Your impression toward the world setting and characters before watching it, will change drastically after you had watched it.

The key characters of “LycoReco” are the young teenager girls. They are close to the age of a high school student and their appearance in the school uniform would surely make you think that this would be a heart-warming school anime.
However, they are actually the agent of the secret organization “DA (Direct Attack)”, “Lycoris”. Their task is to prevent crimes from happening and take care of the criminals without having anyone realize about it.

The Lycoris can be seen walking on the street with the cute uniform, but this is actually their camouflages. Their school bags are equipped with gun and filled with bullets, so that they are able to fight at any time.
The words that symbolize this anime was mentioned in episode two “The more the merrier”, which is “The JK (High school girl) uniforms are the city’s camouflaged clothes”. This would surely make one drop their guard, and it’s a suitable clothing to get close to the enemy.

Other than that, there are also some disturbed depictions, such as the destruction of the radio tower that serves as a symbol of peace and the terrorist operating in the dark, so this is a shocking point that would change your first impression on it. Do check out the totally different daily life of the Lycoris in this world.

The relationships between the characters are so melancholic!
“LycoReco” has a rich human relationship, such as the protagonist Nishikigi Chisato (voiced by Anzai Chika) and her partner Inoue Takina (voiced by Wakayama Shion). The relationship between Chisato and Takina didn’t go well at first but they are getting closer to each other after undergoing the various jobs.

In the first place, the personality and work attitude of the two are the polar opposite. The optimistic Chisato is an elite among the Lycoris, but she conducts her task without killing any single of the enemies. She used to be affiliated to DA, but it seems that she is putting some distance with it. She is focusing on helping people while working at Cafe LycoReco.

On the other hand, Takina focused on efficiency. She possessed a precise shooting skill, and will shoot at her enemies without holding back. Due to that personality, she was ordered to leave DA and partner up with Chisato.

The episode, where they got drastically close to each other is episode 3 “More haste, less speed”. Chisato comforted Takina, who is trying to return to DA. Do check out the words and actions that are unique to Chisato, which opened up the closed heart of Takina.

The action scenes are amazingly cool!
One of the charms of “LycoReco” that you can’t miss out is the cool gun fight scenes. The appearance of the fighting Lycoris, whose possessed a physical abilities that would shame adults, are amazingly cool.

Chisato normally put on a smile, but she will show a serious expression during the action scenes. Without even flicking her eyebrow, she will put her fingers at the trigger naturally. There are also times when she shows off her leeway by dodging the proximity close bullets while chatting with the enemies. Don’t take your eyes off on the dynamic camera works and the paced animation.

Also, in episode 4 “Nothing seek, nothing find”, you will be shocked by the agile movement of Takina while she is playing the VR game. As a shocking truth was found there, please check it out as well.

“Lycoris Recoil” is currently being broadcast every Saturday, at 11:30 PM, on TOKYO MX, BS11, and other channels. It can also be streamed on ABEMA, dAnime Store, Netflix, Prime Video, and other streaming website. Why don’t you take this chance and experience a slightly abnormal daily life with the Lycoris?

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