A long rainy season finally ended, and summer has started. Summer vacation period also started to some of the readers, and we believe many of you are enjoying time spent with families and friends. But due to the spread of Covid-19, many outdoor events are cancelled or postponed, and the situation improvements is still yet to come.

Then, why don’t you enjoy summer vacation with “anime” easily? Here at Anime!Anime!, we picked up 10 anime with description of beach and swimming pools.

★European beach, diving, and fishing♪ Anime that make you want to go to beach.
★Not favorable of beach…then go to swimming pool. From the latest popular works to hidden good anime.
★To whom hoping to feel ocean and learn about mystery.

■European beach, diving, and fishing♪ Anime that make you want to go to beach.


“Luca” is the latest movie by Disney & Pixar, the studio known for producing “Toy Story” and “Monster’s Inc.”.
The story is set in the beautiful harbor town Portorosso in Nothern Italy. A boy Luca is a sea monster from and he cannot keep himself from hiding his interest toward unknown “Human World>. Therefore, with his friend Alberto, he visits the human town, hiding his true identity. This is the moving fantasy adventure movie for “those who once used to be a child”, which depicts that Luca brings to two opposing worlds.

“Luca” is exclusively available at Disney Plus.

“Grand Blue”

The original work of “Grand Blue” is “Naked Youth Diving Manga” serialized in “good! Afternoon”, which is written by Inoue Kenji and drawn by Yoshioka Kimitake.
Kitahara Iori begins to stay in his uncle’s diving equipment store called “Grand Blue” in Izu due to entering the university, and he meets tough boys of the diving circle “Peek a Boo”, who only knows rock paper scissors of Yakyu-ken. (this special rule forces the loser to take off a piece of clothes each time) This is the comedy work of reckless campus life with “alcohol and women”.

“Grand Blue” Blu-ray BOX is currently on-sale.


“Amanchu!” is originally the manga with the same name drawn by Amano Kozue, who is known for producing “ARIA”. The anime 1st season was broadcast in 2016, and season 2 called “Amanchu! ~Advance~” was broadcast in 2018.
The story is set in the beautiful ocean of Izu. Kohinata Hikaru, who grew up in Izu and Ooki Futaba, who moves from Tokyo, experience fatal encounter after entering Yumegaoka High School. Futaba then enters the world of scuba diving, with the invitation by Hikaru.
In contrast to “Grand Blue”, this is the healing anime of enjoying gradual change in nature.


“Tsuritama” is the original anime of Fuji TV’s “Noitamina” based on the theme, “fishing”.
The story is set in “Enoshima” in Shonan, Kanagawa. The protagonist Yuki is a high school student who is extremely bad at communicating with others. This is SF (Seishun Fishing, meaning Youthful Fishing) of four members of self-proclaimed alien Haru, who wants Yuki to do fishing, Natsuki, a boy born and grown up in Enoshima, and a mysterious Indian Akira, who remains neither too close to nor too distant from them, make a small island into the center of a large scale story through fishing.

“Diary of Our Days at the Breakwater”

The original work of “Diary of Our Days at the Breakwater” is the manga currently serialized in “Young Champion Retsu”.
The protagonist Tsurugi Hina is an indoor kind of high school student and a handicraft lover. She moves to a rural town along the coast and meets “the breakwater club” captain Kuroiwa Yuuki, who forces her to enter the club. This is the ordinary youth anime, where the protagonist gradually gets charmed with fishing, together with her childhood friend Hodaka Natsumi, a calm upperclassman Oono Makoto, and the wise, experienced fisherman and the captain Kuroiwa Yuuki.

■Not favorable of beach…then go to swimming pool. From the latest popular works to hidden good anime.


“RE-MAIN” is the original animation under the theme of “water polo”, which is fully directed by Nishida Masafumi of “TIGGER & BUNNY”, from the basic script, direction, series structure, to music composure. The animation production was directed by MAPPA.
The protagonist high school student Shimizu Minato quitted playing water polo after being involved in a certain incident occurred in winter of his last year in middle school. But after entering the high school, he starts playing water polo again with his new friends under the particular promise. This is the popular style sport anime that the weak water polo team overcoming many difficulties.

“RE-MAIN” is ongoing from Saturday, July 3, 2021 on “NUMAnimation” of TV Asahi-related 24 channels.

“Free!” series

“Free!” is “competition swimming” anime produced by Kyoto Animation. Three TV anime seasons, movie, and summary episodes have been produced up to this point, and there is upcoming movie called “Free!-the Final Stroke-“ with 2 sections. (Part 1: September 17, 2021 Part 2: April 22, 2022).
The youth group drama of Haruka, Makoto, Nagisa, Rei, and Rin from Iwatobi High School Swimming Club, from their encounters to their university life with passion and friendship for swimming.


The original work of “Keijo!!!!!!!!” is the manga by Sorayomi Daichi, which was serialized in “Weekly Shonen Sunday”. The official catchphrase is “Look, this is the best ‘ass’ work of the century!”.
This is the passionate sports story of the swimsuit girls competing in fake water sport called “keijo”, and many of the techniques performed with their butt are “Vacuum butt cannon” (a form of shockwave) and “boob dunk”, which cannot be seen often in other works. This can be called sexy sports anime, with carefully created action scenes with fetichism.

■For those who want to feel the ocean more, or explore a mystery

“The Aquatope on White Sand”

“The Aquatope on White Sand” is the completely new original anime produced by the team of “Iroduku: The World in Colors”, with the director Shinohara Shunya, the series structure by Kakihara Yuuko, and production studio P.A.WORKS.
The story is set in a small aquarium in Okinawa. Misakino Kukuru, who works on behalf of the director of “Gama Gama Aquarium”, an aquarium about to close, and Miyazawa Fuuka, a girl from Tokyo who gave up her dream and has nowhere to go, meets in Okinawa and experience “Girl Meets Girl” youth group drama.

“The Aquatope on White Sand” is ongoing from Thursday, July 8, 2021 on TOKYO MX, BS Fuji, MBS, and Ryukyu Broadcasting Corporation.

“Survival at the Deep Sea”

The movie “Survival at the Deep Sea” is the 2nd movie of the popular “Science Manga Survival Series”, which marked the total sale over 11 million copies. “Science Manga Survival” series picks up many topics related to science, including animals, nature, human body, natural disasters, environmental problems, AIs and space, and will give the readers the knowledge of science automatically after reading it. The 1st movie “Survival of the Human Body” was released in 2020.
This movie is supported by JAMSTEC staff. The story is set in “deep sea” and the survival master Zio and his friends overcome many difficulties that they face with courage and knowledge.

Movie “Survival at the Deep Sea” will be released in theaters from August 13, 2021.