The Japanese Meteorological Agency announced on June 14 that the Kantou Koushin area has entered the rainy season.

The weather affects humans more than you think, and many people feel down from the gloomy sky on rainy days. You may have experienced that you are not in the mood to go out, or that the humidity in the air messes up your hair after styling it.

So what do we need to overcome this gloomy feeling? That’s right, love! Not just any love but an overwhelming one!

Anime!Anime! will introduce you to 5 Yandere anime characters to enjoy in the rainy season. Yandere characters express their affection for those who they love in abnormal ways. Perhaps the overly heavy love will blow away your gloomy feelings.

This article will feature male characters.

■Worried to the point he locks up the heroine. “AMNESIA” Toma

The first character is from the anime “AMNESIA” from 2013, which is based on a game by Otomate released in 2013.

Since it’s an Otome game, there are many characters you could choose from. Among them, Toma (Voice: Hino Satoshi-san) was the Yandere character that fans said was, “Too much!”, when the anime was broadcast. His route, which included domestic violence, bullying, and confinement, is the most thrilling of the five routes.

That’s right “confinement”! As you can guess from his voice actor being Hino Satoshi, Toma is a friendly, big-brother type of guy. He tries to protect the heroine but gradually becomes terrifying. Yes, it’s because he’s worried about the heroine, but he forcibly takes her to his house, doesn’t want her to leave the house, and in the end, he locks her up in a cell full of plushies. His expression of love is just too crazy!

In the anime, the story is fixed, but in the game, there are three endings: “GOOD”, “NORMAL”, and “BAD”. I hope you will enjoy all three patterns of Toma’s love. My recommendation is… of course, the BAD END.

■Having a relationship with his love’s mother from envy. “Fruits Basket” Souma Shigure

The current TV anime “Fruits Basket” also has a character with twisted affection. That’s right, Souma Shigure (voice: Nakamura Yuuichi-san).
When it was announced that it was receiving another anime, and will depict the whole story until the end, I was delighted to see twisted Shigure!

I don’t want to give away too much of the story since the anime is currently being broadcast, but even in the shows that have already been broadcast, you can see how messed up he is: “He has a relation with the mother of the man who slept with Akito, who Shigure loves,” or “He uses Tooru to make Akito his own.”

The current season titled “The Final” will soon come to a conclusion. Tough situations are continuing towards the final episode, but will Shigure, Akito, and the others reach a happy ending? Whether you know the original story or not, let’s see it through to the end!

■Plots to kill Leloche’s sister to become his “real” brother. “Code Geass” Rolo

Yanderes’ affection is not only towards their loved ones. Rolo Lamperouge (voice: Mizushima Takahiro-san) from “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion” (2006) is one of them.

He suddenly appeared in the sequel of “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion”, “R2” (2008), and told the protagonist Lelouch, who had his memory partly rewritten, that he was his brother. Although he was originally an agent who was supposed to be spying on Lelouch to assassinate him, the familial love from Lelouch changed him and he becomes dependent on Lelouch. Even if it was a false love…

His love for Lelouch makes him very jealous of Lelouch’s actual sister, Nanalee, and even plans to kill her. However, after Lelouch regained his memories, he despised Rolo for his actions and said to him, “I’m going to use you up and dump you like an old rag.”

■A stalker who wants to become a dog. “Inu × Boku SS” Miketsukami Soushi

There are Yandere in master-servant relationships too. A typical example is Miketsukami Soushi (voice: Nakamura Yuuichi-san) from “Inu × Boku SS” (2012).

When he first met his master, Shirakiin Ririchiyo, he begged her, “Please make me your servant! Even better, your dog!” Just as his words, he never leaves Ririchiyo’s side like a loyal dog and is devoted to her. While he is overprotective of Ririchiyo, his disinterest in others shows his “mad love” for her.

His actions like taking backups of emails from Ririchiyo and preserving the food he was given by her are that of a stalker, and you can see them in “Rakuen no Photograph”, the ending song of episode 2 and 9 of the anime. The lyrics like “Kakushidori Douga Let’s Saisei” (Let’s watch the video from the hidden camera), “Sasageru GPS” (Give you a GPS), and the image of the many photos decorating his room, made the fans go crazy. I hope you’ll enjoy the ending along with the anime.

■Feel the same pain as I do. “Hakuouki” Nagumo Kaoru

The precious existence of a “Yandere with sister complex” was introduced by the otome-game-based TV anime “Hakuouki” (2010). Nagumo Kaoru (voice: Itou Hasumi-san), is the separated twin brother of the heroine. When he first appears, he was dressed as a woman, and having the exact same looks as the heroine made him very mysterious.

After his parents passed away, he was adopted by the Nagumo family of Tosa. Since he was treated badly growing up, he is jealous of the heroine who has lived a happy life, but at the same time, he wants to protect her because she is the only sister, and has a twisted mixture of love and hate. He torments the heroine in various ways and wants her to feel the same pain as he does. He believes that when they share their pain they can be “equals” as they used to be.

Since it is a media mix work, “Hakuouki” has many different endings you can enjoy, but for Nagumo Kaoru, all endings are sad. If this article made you interested in the series, please pay attention to the end of Nagumo Kaoru. He makes you feel sorry for him, which makes him even more precious.

■Let’s overcome the gloomy, rainy season with the Yandere characters!
These were my five choices of Yandere characters.

The rainy season is muggy, and makes us feel down. I hope you can enjoy the depressing feeling by being exposed to these Yandere characters.