The sequel to the live-action film “Tokyo Revengers” will be released in two parts, “Tokyo Revengers 2: Bloody Halloween Arc -Destiny-” on April 21, 2023 and “Tokyo Revengers 2: Bloody Halloween Arc -Decisive Battle-” on June 30, 2023. The third installment of character PVs from the film features the main character Takemichi (Kitamura Takumi), his best friend Akkun (Isomura Hayato), and other high school buddies and Mizo Middle Five members.
Scene photos of the unchanged friendship with Akkun and making-of photos with Mizo Middle Five members that are too cool have also arrived.

In the previous work, Takemichi ended his life on the run when Hinata, the only girl he had ever loved in his life, was killed by a gang called Tokyo Manji, which had turned vicious. He then saved his beloved Hinata, regained what he had lost, and took his revenge.

However, when Hinata is killed by Tokyo Manji Gang again in the present day when everything was supposed to have changed, Takemichi returns to the past to save her. There, Takemichi discovers that Hinata’s death is connected to the truth of a “sad incident” that befell the members of Tokyo Manji Gang.

The “Bloody Halloween Arc” is an epic film on a scale that far surpasses the previous film, depicting the sad battle of men at the mercy of their “destiny” brought about by a past fate, and Takemichi’s battle to change that destiny once again. It is an epic work that far surpasses the previous film. In order to protect Hinata and the members of Tokyo Manji Gang, who are bound by an irreplaceable bond, the “crying heroes” who have matured over the course of the previous film are supported in their battles by the “Mizo Middle Five members”.

The character PV released this time depicts Takemichi’s time leap into the past and his reunion with the Mizo Middle Five members, who used to laugh at each other’s foolishness, and shows the friendship that has not changed since the previous work.

Mikey (Yoshizawa Ryo) asks Takemichi to bring back Baji (Nagayama Kento), who suddenly left Tokyo Manji Gang and switched sides with the rival Valhalla, despite being a founding member of the group. Takemichi goes to see his trusted friends, the members of Mizo Middle Five, to find out more about the mysterious “Valhalla”.

Takemichi’s joy bursts out as soon as he sees them, and he jumps into the arms of his friends, who are too reckless to listen to his mission. The members of Mizo Middle Five, who were aghast at his recklessness, began to play with the term “headless angel,” a nickname given to the “Valhalla” because of the absence of its leader. Takemichi’s tension is broken, and he is comforted by the sight of his best friends enjoying a casual conversation after a long absence.

Speaking of the Mizo Middle Five members, they are irreplaceable friends and comrades-in-arms who met and fought together in the time-released past of the previous film, and Takemichi and Akkun, in particular, are connected by an irreplaceable bond. Akkun, who had taken his revenge on his own life and grasped his dream of becoming a beautician through Takemichi’s struggle to change the future, will appear in a changed form when the villainous Tokyo Manji appears before Takemichi in the present day, once again in this work.

The previous film depicted the sad farewell between Akkun and Takemichi, who appeared in the previous film as the evil modern-day Tokyo Manji leadership, and a famous scene was performed that shook the hearts of the viewers. The bond between Kitamura and Isomura, who spontaneously shed tears many times during the same scene on set, is alive and well in this film as well.
We would like to draw your attention to the emotional scenes in this film that will loosen your teary eyes in the midst of the ongoing tension.

“Tokyo Revengers 2: Bloody Halloween Arc -Destiny-” will be released on April 21, and “Tokyo Revengers 2: Bloody Halloween Arc -Decisive Battle-” will be released in two parts on June 30.

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