From the anime “Jujutsu Kaisen”, the new cast and characters were announced for the upcoming new story arc, “The Origin of Obedience”, broadcasting on Mar. 12, 2021.

Namikawa Daisuke will voice Choso, a Death Painting Womb from one of the Special Grade Curse Objects. His brothers Eso and Kechizu will be voiced by Hiyama Nobuyuki and Yamaguchi Shohei respectively. The voice actors commented on their roles.

“Jujutsu Kaisen” is based on the manga of same name written and illustrated by Gege Akutami and serialized in” Weekly Shonen Jump”.
The plot follows a high school student endowed with superhuman physical abilities, Itadori Yuji, who leads a normal life until one day in order to save his friends he swallows a cursed object “Ryomen Sukuna’s finger” and gains its power. This causes Itadori to be possessed by Sukuna, and enroll in the Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College under the guidance of the strongest sorcerer, Gojo Satoru.

Namikawa Daisuke (voicing the Death Painting Womb, Choso) is also known for his role as Goemon on “Lupin III”, while Hiyama Nobuyuki (voicing the brother who shares a deep bond, Eso) voiced Kyogoku Makoto from “Detective Conan”, and Yamaguchi Shohei (voicing the other brother, Kechizu), is famous for playing memorable characters such as L from “Death Note”.

The “The Origin of Obedience” arc of “Jujutsu Kaisen” will be broadcast starting on Mar. 12, 2021 (Fri) on the “Super Animeism” block on all of the 28 MBS/TBS network channels throughout Japan.

Choso: Namikawa Daisuke

I will put in a lot of effort to make the fans who enjoy the show feel excited in anticipation. I’m aiming to embody all the charisma the character possess in this role.

Eso: Hiyama Nobuyuki

For this role I will pay attention to the character’s essential traits; not only his quite unique appearance and feel, but also the highs and lows of his extreme mood swings, and of course, his devotion to his brothers.

Kechizu: Yamaguchi Shohei

Given the opportunity to play this role, my wish is to make Kechizu a character loved my many fans. I’ll do my best until Kechizu character goods become in demand.

(C)Akutami Gege / Shueisha – Jujutsu Kaisen Production Committee