Feb. 6 is Noto Mamiko-san's birthday.

Noto Mamiko-san made her debut as a voice actress in the 1990's. In 2019, she had voiced the main characters from various anime such as “7SEEDS”, and “To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts”, etc. Other than voice anime characters, she was also involved in various narration works as well.

Thus, to celebrate her birthday, we had conducted here at Anime!Anime! a reader survey on “Who is your favorite anime character voiced by Noto Mamiko-san?”. Within the period of Jan. 27 to Feb. 2, 2020, we had received a total of 86 responses.
The male to female ratio is 60% male and 40% female where the male is the majority. For the age distribution, 25% are of those aged 19 and below while 35% are in their 20's, with the votes mostly coming from the youngsters.

■Enma Ai from “Hell Girl” the scariest character had taken a top ranking!
The 1st place is Enma Ai from “Hell Girl” and the support rating is approximately 12%.

“Hell Girl” is a mystery horror that had 4 seasons. Enma Ai is the main protagonist and also the Hell Girl that will deliver her various client's vengeance as well.
“This is a profound work where I first found out on Noto-san. Despite it being drawn in a horror manner, it packed with Noto's faint and clear voice”, “I wonder if this is a bad character role, as it shows some kindness”, etc. which was about this cool character that Noto voiced. The famous line “Want to try dying this once?” had left a grave impression in the reader as well.

2nd place is Mavis Vermillion from “FAIRY TAIL” with a support rating of approximately 7%.
Mavis Vermillion is the first guild leader of the magician guild, Fairy Tail. “Despite being mischievous and cute, I like her appearance as the reliable guild master”, “Her acting of the usual calmness and her exclamation gives me goosebumps”, together with her cute appearance and her reliability is the point of her popularity.

3rd place is a tie between 3 characters which are Einhart Stratos from “Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid”, Kuronuma Sawako from “Kimi ni Todoke”, and Rin from “Inuyasha”.

Regarding Einhart Stratos from “Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid”: “The gap between her usual polite tone and her spirit during the fierce attack is extreme. This is the best matching.”
Regarding Kuronuma Sawako from “Kimi ni Todoke”: “She is very cute and fit perfectly with the image of Sawako from the original work.”
Regarding Rin from “Inuyasha”: “It is because of her lovely kindness and purity that made the cold and merciless Sesshoumaru to have a change of heart.”

■Let's introduce the other comments!!
Regarding Angol Mois from “Sgt. Frog”: “Despite her simplicity personality, it makes me feel anxious as we won't know what she will do”
Regarding Elsa Granhiert from “Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World”: “Noto-san's voice tone is quite calm and it makes me feel scared at how well it fits with the acting of the Psycho-Pass character.”

Regarding Toudou Shimako from “Maria-sama ga Miteru”: “Her soft voice fits the character perfectly. I am addicted to it!”, “I would like to hear the voice 'Onee-sama' once again”.
Regarding Hoshimiya Ringo from “Aikatsu!”: “She is an existence that watches over and help the protagonist Ichigo as her mother and senior as an idol” show that even a mother role was ranked in.

The survey is not only full with healing characters, it also includes powerful characters and scary villain roles. Do check out the overall ranking!

■Overall Ranking
[Who is your favorite anime character voiced by Noto Mamiko-san?]
1st place: Enma Ai “Hell Girl”
2nd place: Mavis Vermillion “FAIRY TAIL”
3rd place: Einhart Stratos “Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid”
3rd place: Kuronuma Sawako “Kimi ni Todoke”
3rd place: Rin “Inuyasha”
6th place: Angol Mois “Sgt. Frog”
6th place: Elsa Granhiert “Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World”
6th place: Sakagami Ayumi/ Cure Echo “Precure All Stars New Stage Movie: Friends of the Future”
6th place: Scáthach-Skaði “Fate/Grand Order”
6th place: Tomoe “Queen Blade”
6th place: Hoshimiya Ringo “Aikatsu!”
12th place: Toujou Aya “Ichigo 100%”
12th place: Jean Grey/ Dark Phoenix “X-MEN: Dark Phoenix”
12th place: Sheele “Akame ga Kiru!”
12th place: Ana Coppola “Strawberry Marshmallow”
12th place: Tonomura Moto “Boogiepop Phantom”
12th place: Toudou Shimako “Maria-sama ga Miteru”

(Survey Period: Jan. 27 to Feb. 2, 2020)