The first swimsuit event of “Rezeros” will be held with stories!

On “Rezeros Channel #9”, which was broadcast on July 30, the latest event information for smartphone RPG app called “Re: Zero-Starting New Life in Another World: Lost in Memories” (“Rezeros” in short) has been revealed.

The information revealed was full of interesting contents, including gacha, events, and updates. One major news was the story event with Emilia and others in beautiful swimsuits.

Let us start with the announcement of swimsuit event among other information!

Re: Zero-Starting New Life in Another World: Lost in Memories
“Rezeros Channel” #09 -Rezero’s “Hot” Summer SP-
■Streaming Date: Friday, July 30, 2021/at YouTube Channel “KADOKAWAanime”
■Guest: Tachibana Haru (Program MC), Comedian “Jishaku” Nagasawa Takashi, Arai Satomi (Beatrice/as guest)

“Rezeros Summer Party” begins from August 5!
The title for swimsuit event is “Rezeros Summer Party”!

Subaru and his friends visit the resort spot with gigantic falls, and while they enjoy watermelon crash and beach volleyball, they are involved in various troubles, including the fight with magical beasts, distress, and being taken into a deserted island.

As the first story event in “Rezeros”, the event will be held in 2 parts. The part 1 will be released on August 5 and part 2 will be released on August 16.

The system of the event is clearing battle quests of the special map while reading the special story. So, there might be multiple routes depending on your choices!?

Drop item “Memory Crystal” will be the new item different from the previous memory crystals. An effect of your choice can be added with a special hammer obtained in the event and can be customized into “memory crystal of your choice”. Other awards are also available.

One main award is a gacha ticket of a ★3 swimsuit character that will be given by completing the story. One of swimsuit Emilia, Rem, Ram, or Beatrice will be given randomly with this ticket, so give it your all.

As the commemoration of the event, “Season Gacha Playing at the Beach with Nicha” will be held. “【Playing at the Beach with Nicha】 Beatrice ★3” and “[Memory Crystal] I will curse you to the last generation?★3” will be picked up. The gacha will be held from Augst 10 to Augst 31.

The messages from the casts in “Rezeros Summer Party” will be posted on the official Twitter, so please check this out as well.

“Witch of Greed” Echidna will be playable for the first time
Other than the event information, “The Challenge from Echidna 2nd Trial” will be held.

As the first mission award, the memory crystal “Witch of Greed Seeking for Knowledge” and “Level Limit Boost Drug” will be given, and a special title will be presented to those cleared “Extra Difficult 2”.

“Witch of Greed” Echidna will become a playable character for the first time on the Fes gacha called “Tea Party of Witches”, which will be held until August 5.

“【Tea Party of Witches】Echidna ★3” is the first 4th skill owner and she uses strong debuff skills.

By the way, the Fes gacha (held for the first time in “Rezeroes”) is the gacha with double possibility of getting ★3 characters, but it does not mean that fes character (this time: Echidna) will not be doubled, so please be careful.

This will be held periodically, so please look forward to the upcoming limited fes characters.

Moreover, as the commemoration of the first fes gacha, the special mission will be held until August 5. The magical stone will be distributed max 1000, so challenge them as much as possible.

A campaign, where the special gift will be given, is being held to celebrate the first playable “Witch of Greed” Echidna.

By following “Rezeros” official Twitter and tweeting “your greedy moments” with a hashtag, “#強欲チャレンジ (#greedchallenge)”, a board with a handwritten autograph of Sakamoto Maaya-san (playing Echidna) and Echidona related goods will be given by lottery.

The 10th layer (floor 91 to 100) was added to “Labyrinth of Heart” from July 31. To celebrate that, “Labyrinth of Heart Layer Addition Celebration Gacha” is held. Free lottery is given every day, in addition to the pick-up of useful characters in the dungeon. This will be held until August 5, 2021.

With the update held on August 5, some quests can be skipped using a skip ticket. Note that some requirements need to be met and not all quests can be skipped after the update.

New line-up will be added to the arena medal exchange, including ★3 character confirmation gacha ticket, character pieces, and other useful items. Required number of medals will be decreased for some times, so please look forward to the upcoming update.

Felt birthday gacha will be held from August 8. This gacha will pick up “【Running Through the Kingdom】 Felt”, so it is a big chance for those who missed him in the previous opportunities.

His birthday commemorative event will be held as well. The players will exchange the item “birthday present” from the quests with items.

This month is full of events, including swimsuit events and Felt’s birthday. This summer will be busy from the beginning with energy!

【”Re:Zero-Starting New Life in Another World”-related Information】
・Exhibition event: “Another World Museum” is currently open
At Tokorozawa Sakura Town KADOKAWA Musashino Museum, until Sunday, September 26, 2021
・Puzzle RPG “Puyo Quest” and ”Re:Zero-Starting New Life in Another World” will collaborate
・Anime ”Re:Zero-Starting New Life in Another World 2nd season 8” is currently on-sale
・Novel ”Re:Zero-Starting New Life in Another World” is currently on sale up to volume 27
・Manga version of ”Re:Zero-Starting New Life in Another World” “chapter 4: Sanctuary and Witch of Greed” is serialized in “Monthly Comic Alive”
・Manga app “Manga UP!” streams the last episode of manga version of “Memory of Snow”
・Movie “Another World Quartet~Another World~” is decided on 2022

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