“Zero Kara Aganau Isekai Seikatsu” (Redeeming from Zero in Another World)

The new story “New Chapter 2” will be added to the RPG “Re: Life in a Different World from Zero Lost in Memories” (hereinafter referred to as “Re:zero”) for smartphones.

The official name is “Zerokara Aganau Isekai Seikatsu” (Redeeming from Zero in Another World)

To redeem is to “Connect Sins.” This episode is the original story supervised by the original author, Nagatsuki Tappei, which depicts Subaru 20 years later, but the only thing that drifts from the episode is the ominous and sad air. What exactly is drawn in this episode…?

This episode will be added on “Re:zero” from July 15.

Prior the release, I would like to summarize what is currently known and the numerous “mysteries” that can be understood through the information gaps.

▲ “New Chapter 2” [Zerokara Aganaui Sekai Seikatsu] New information from the teaser movie has arrived! “Re:zero” is content that you can enjoy as a story from the TV anime, the original developments that branch depending on the progress of the game, and a “new chapter” that is a completely original scenario for this work.

All of it was supervised by the original author, Nagatsuki Tappei, and in “New Chapter 1”, the actions of Subaru and Otto, who were imprisoned for innocent charges, were depicted.

The topic “New Chapter 2” is a story created for this work about Subaru 20 years later. The already released illustrations convey a sad atmosphere.

<image src='https://animeanime.jp/imgs/zoom/417040.jpg' class='inline-article-image' width='640' height='360' /><image src='https://animeanime.jp/imgs/zoom/417041.jpg' class='inline-article-image' width='640' height='360' /> Both of the two newly released screenshots that I will show you are the story selection screens, so you can see the beginning of the story and the scenario composition to some extent.

<image src='https://animeanime.jp/imgs/zoom/417042.jpg' class='inline-article-image' width='640' height='1138' /><image src='https://animeanime.jp/imgs/zoom/417043.jpg' class='inline-article-image' width='640' height='1138' /> The summary of the story is, “Revenge on Betelgeuse who killed Rem. Subaru, who himself sealed ‘Return to Death’, finally gets the opportunity 20 years later.”

In other words, this episode is the story of “If” in which Rem was killed by Betelgeuse. Certainly, there are stories’ turns in which Rem loses her life even in the anime, so it can be taken as a continuation of the story.

From the other screenshot, you can see that the scenario released this time is 8 episodes and the ending is one. Because it is compact, you may be able to enjoy a scenario with a sense of speed.

The mysterious “New Chapter 2”! A summary of the known information Five characters have been confirmed to appear in this episode. Below, I will introduce the character and the published lines.

First of all, the main character, Natsuki Subaru.

<image src='https://animeanime.jp/imgs/zoom/417044.jpg' class='inline-article-image' width='640' height='360' /><image src='https://animeanime.jp/imgs/zoom/417045.jpg' class='inline-article-image' width='640' height='1137' /> Subaru’s lines have already been released, “Stop. This pain is my fault. I’m not going to put it on anyone”, and in the end of the Teaser PV, “Please, try not to be like me……&hellip;&hellip;”

It exudes a sense of loss for losing Rem and the misery of the fate of losing Rem. The rough appearance can be seen from his face, with a pitiful hairstyle, wrinkles in the eyebrows, and stubbles.

After all, what is worrisome of Subaru-20-years-later is his clothes. As many fans have already pointed out, this Subaru looks just like Aldebaran (Al), the knight of Priscilla.

And it’s not just about clothes. The wound on his right arm and his left arm, which seems to be his prosthetic hand, match those of Aldebaran, increasing the concentration of the “Subaru-Al theory”.

However, even if that were the case, it is a mystery why “Subaru-Al” could exist in the past, why 2 “Subarus” could exist in the same time axis, and why they joined the Priscilla camp.

Will the mystery be revealed in this episode? Please check out this point as well. Next, let’s take a look at Beatrice.

<image src='https://animeanime.jp/imgs/zoom/417046.jpg' class='inline-article-image' width='640' height='360' /><image src='https://animeanime.jp/imgs/zoom/417047.jpg' class='inline-article-image' width='640' height='1137' /><image src='https://animeanime.jp/imgs/zoom/417048.jpg' class='inline-article-image' width='640' height='1137' />
Beatrice, also introduced in the Teaser PV, says, “&hellip;&hellip;Are you asking Betty to die with you?”, and the slamming line in the screenshot, “If you understand, you’d better clear off” is impressive.

The question is, why was Beatrice chosen for such a “difficult purpose” to be vigilant? Does she have no other accomplices? And what happened to her coming out of the forbidden library? The mysteries are endless.

<image src='https://animeanime.jp/imgs/zoom/417049.jpg' class='inline-article-image' width='640' height='360' /><image src='https://animeanime.jp/imgs/zoom/417050.jpg' class='inline-article-image' width='640' height='1137' /><image src='https://animeanime.jp/imgs/zoom/417051.jpg' class='inline-article-image' width='640' height='1137' />
Felix Argyle, the knight of Kursh has changed a lot, to the point he seems to be a completely different person. He is not dressed as a woman, and he often offenses Subaru, saying, “「&hellip;&hellip;You’re really stupid.”, “Hey, could you answer?”, “Don’t worry. That’s my job right now.”

Also, basing on the lines, “Okay, Subaru-kun. You’re lucky as all you have to do is pretend to be the main character of the tragedy”, Felix himself seems to have had some painful memories.

It should be noted that Felix was dressed as a woman to prove of his loyalty to Kursh, but it is possible that he was dressed as a man from the beginning because it is the world of “if” that he stopped doing that, but since he wears accessories that look like hair ornaments when he was dressed as a woman, it seems a bad sign.

It should be noted that Felix was dressed as a woman to prove of his loyalty to Kursh, but it is possible that he was dressed as a man from the beginning because it is the world of &hellip;&hellip;?”if” that he stopped doing that, but since he wears accessories that look like hair ornaments when he was dressed as a woman, it seems a bad sign.

<image src='https://animeanime.jp/imgs/zoom/417052.jpg' class='inline-article-image' width='640' height='360' />
It is also interesting that Elsa Granhiert “Bowel Hunter” has joined the party. From the lines, “I’m not going to give my pleasure to open your stomach to others”, and “I wonder if it was a good match” shown on the PV, at least for now, she seems to be someone to trust.

But why did she want to fight together?

<image src='https://animeanime.jp/imgs/zoom/417053.jpg' class='inline-article-image' width='640' height='1137' />
Petelgeuse, who seems to be the last boss of this episode, has been released in a screenshot in a state of being in “another vessel” for some reason. Moreover, in the Teaser PV, there is also a line “You killed!”, and it is unknown what happened between Subaru and Petelgeuse. By the way, Matsuoka Yoshitsugu voiced him in the PV, so it seems that the original Petelgeuse will appear.

In addition, in the teaser PV, Reinhardt’s, “Subaru……”,&hellip;&hellip;! Rom’s, “……It’s been a long time”,「&hellip;&hellip; Mimi Pearlbaton’s, “Don!”,&hellip;&hellip;&hellip;&hellip;」 Rem’s, “I, kite. Da, su ki……”, I wish I could take off Subaru’s pain.” lines have been revealed

It seems that the characters around that will also have a turn, so look forward to it.

The special number to commemorate the release of “New Chapter 2” has been decided. Although the introduction part of the story has been clarified, there are still many mysteries such as the situation of surrounding characters and the whereabouts of the “Subaru-Al” theory.

Personally, the most worrisome is the mystery about Elsa.

Did you all notice? This episode is a story 20 years later. In other words……&hellip;&hellip;、

<image src='https://animeanime.jp/imgs/zoom/417054.jpg' class='inline-article-image' width='640' height='853' />

Elsa in her 40s!

Even after 20 years, this beauty and proportions are the biggest mystery of “Re:zero”.

However, on July 12, just before the episode was delivered, the special number of “Re:zero” will delivered from 08:00 P.M. to commemorate the release of “New Chapter 2”.

With Kobayashi Yusuke, who plays Natsuki Subaru, the latest information on “New Chapter 2” will be released, so please look forward to it!

(C) Nagatsuki Tappei, published by KADOKAWA Co., Ltd./Re: Life in a Different World from Zero 2 Production Committee