From the TV anime “Classroom of the Elite 2nd Season”, the key visual and PV have been released. Moreover, the additional casts have been announced; Saitou Souma will play Nagumo Miyabi and Takahashi Rie will play Shiina Hiyori.

“Classroom of the Elite 2nd Season” is the school apocalypse based on the light novel by Kinugasa Shougo that is published from at “MF Bunko J”. The story is set at “Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing School”, where students with good grades will have good school life, and depicts life of Ayanokouji Kiyotaka and his classmates of Rank D class, which non-elites belong to.

Season 1 of the TV anime had been broadcast from July to September 2017, and announced that story of freshman year will all be adapted into TV anime. Moreover, “2nd season” will begin from July 4, 2022, and season 3 will be broadcast from 2023.

The key visual for “2nd season” will depicts Ayanokouji Kiyotaka (CV: Chiba Shouya) from Rank D and Ryuuen Shou (CV: Mizunaka Masaaki) from Rank C face each other. It implicated a fierce tactics battle will be shown in the anime.

PV released together with the key visual depicts the students coming home from the special exam held at the island in season 1, where they spend time in the luxury travel ship.

Moreover, the basic design and casts for Nagumo Miyabi and Shiina Hiyori have been released. The representative of Sophomore Rank A class and the candidate of next student representative, Nagumo Miyabi, will be played by Saitou Souma. Shiina Hiyori from Freshman Rank C class will be played by Takahashi Rie.

TV anime “Classroom of the Elite 2nd Season” will be broadcast from July 4, 2022 at AT-X, TOKYO MX, and other channels.

© Kinugasa Shougo, Published from KADOKAWA/Classroom of the Elite 2 Production Committee