It was decided that the TV anime “Orient” will be broadcast in January 2022, and the teaser PV was released. Moreover, the appearance of Takahashi Rie and Hino Satoshi are announced as well.

The original work of “Orient” is the manga by Otaka Shinobu, who is known for “Magi” and “Sumomomo Momomo”, and is currently serialized in “Bessatsu Shonen Magazine”.
One hundred and fifty years have passed after the “Demon” took the control over Japan during Sengoku Era… While only “Samurai” objects to the rule, two boys Musashi and Kojiro, depart to the journey to form “the strongest Samurai team” and defeat the demons.

The teaser PV was released together with the broadcast day announcement. The protagonist Musashi and his best friend Kanemaki Kojiro swear to form “the strongest Samurai team” and fights with the demons in the PV, and the voice of Musashi (CV: Uchida Yuma) and Kojiro (CV: Saito Soma) are revealed for the first time.

The additional character visuals and casts are revealed as well.
Takahashi Rie plays Hattori Tsugumi, a girl who belongs to “Kosameda Samurai Team” and is good at being spoiled. Hino Satoshi plays Takeda Naotora, the man who is the leader of “Takeda Samurai Team” and is currently fighting with demons to retrieve Japan from demons.

“Orient” will be broadcast from January 2022.

Hattori Tsugumi/Takahashi Rie

I will be playing Tsugumi-chan!
When I heard that I will be playing Tsugumi, I was filled with happiness and excitement; I never felt anxiety…!!
I played with the original manga in front of me, I longed for the day I can record my voice!
She is honest, passionate, cute and cool, and I want to play her with my full force! Please look forward to and support the TV anime “Orient”!

Takeda Naotora/Hino Satoshi

My name is Hino Satoshi, and I will be playing Takeda Naotora in the TV anime “Orient”. It has been a while since I last participated Otaka Shinobu-sensei’s work, so I am very excited! I am already excited to attend the recording session. I will do my best to play Takeda Naotora’s kindness, friendliness, and sense of justice, and aggressiveness behind them! Please look forward to the TV anime “Orient”.

Original Author: Otaka Shinobu (Bessatsu Shonen Magazine/Kodansha)
Director: Yanagisawa Tetsuya
Series Structure: Kunisawa Mariko
Character Design: Kishida Takahiro
Music: Fukazawa Hideyuki
Animation Proeduction: A・C・G・T
Committee: “Orient” Production Committee

Musashi: Uchida Yuma
Kanemaki Kojiro: Saito Soma
Hattori Tsugumi: Takahashi Rie
Takeda Naotora: Hino Satoshi

© Otaka Shinobu, Kodansha/”Orient” Production Committee