The smartphone game “Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World: Lost in Memories” (abbreviated as “Re:Zeros”) will hold a new chapter 3 “Kenki Banka” (second half: “Sword Demon” Wilhelm’s Redemption) from April 13, 2022. In addition, the “[Sword Demon Confronting the Past] Gacha” featuring Wilhelm★3 (CV: Horiuchi Kenyu) is also being held.

“Re:Zeros” is an official smartphone game based on ”
Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World” and has been downloaded more than 3 million times.
Players can take on the role of the main character Subaru and relive the story of the anime, and experience the branching of destiny, the “if story” where players can “made a different choice at that time…”

The new chapter 3 “Kenki Banka” (the second half: “Sword Demon” Wilhelm’s Redemption), which will be held from April 13, is a story completely supervised by the original author, Nagatsuki Tappei, depicting another story behind the “Sword Demon Love Song”.
In order to save Rem, who is trapped in the “Dream Codex,” a grimoire brought into the forbidden library, he follows her inside and finds a world where the “Ajin War,” which should have ended, is still going on…….

In the “[Sword Demon Confronting the Past] Gacha”, the character “[Sword Demon Confronting the Past] Wilhelm★3” with special effects for the “Madara Defeat Event” and the memory crystal “I-I love you!” have a higher appearance rate. Take advantage of this opportunity to get your hands on these.

The “Sword Demon Confronting the Past” Gacha, “Step-up Gacha: Sword Demon Confronting the Past,” “Madara Defeat Event,” and “Story Reading Campaign” will be held in “Re:Zeros” until May 1, 11:59 pm.
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(C) Nagatsuki Tappei, published by KADOKAWA Inc. / Re: Life in a Different World from Zero 2 Production Committee (C) SEGA