The voice actor and singer, Amamiya Sora was featured on the YouTube channel “THE FIRST TAKE” featuring the performance taken in one-take. This is the first voice actor, who appears in this channel.

“THE FIRST TAKE” is a YouTube channel featuring the one-take live performances by the musicians. With the concept of “There is only one rule in this white studio with the single microphone, which is the performance is to be taken in one-take.”, it will feature footages that are recorded in high quality in both video and audio.

It was announced that Amamiya Sora is the first voice actor to be featured on “THE FIRST TAKE”.
She will be performing “PARADOX”, the opening theme song of “Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It” where she voices the heroine Himuro Ayame, in one-take. This is a footage featuring the special arrangement with the piano and string quartet.

“Amamiya Sora -PARADOX/ THE FIRST TAKE” has had a premium release on YouTube channel “THE FIRST TAKE” at 10:00 PM, on July 2.