Based on the Chinese fantasy novel of same name, the anime “Heaven Official’s Blessing” (broadcasting on Jul. 4) have released its Japanese version trailer alongside key visuals. The ending theme was announced to be performed by Amamiya Sora. The announcement was followed by Amamiya’s comment.

“Heaven Official’s Blessing” is originally a Chinese web novel, which depicts ancient China in a fantasy setting. The anime adaptation was first released in October 2020 on the video sharing site bilibili, hitting 300 million views in total. The finely elaborated story unfolding in a mysterious and stunning world, with appealing characters, has a great appeal to Asian audiences.

The new trailer features the extravagant town landscape of ancient china along its beautiful nature as the background for action packed battle scenes. An epic story is to be expected from the looks of the trailer.
The ending theme, perfomed by Amamiya Sora is titled “Friizia”.
The opening theme “Jiu no Kuchizuke” is performed by the band SID and its instrumentals can be heard during the trailer.

The Japanese version of “Heaven Official’s Blessing” is set to broadcast from Jul. 4 on TOKYO MX-BS11. Amazon Prime Video and other platforms will stream the anime starting from July.

Commentary from Amamiya Sora:
I am very happy to be able to perform the ending theme!
It’s a melody that really suits the enticingly epic atmosphere of the anime.
The song was composed to match the ambience the anime takes place at, ancient China. To add into that, I sang with all my might during the theme recording, while intentionally embodying a sense of melancholy with a tender smile on my face.
I get very excited when I imagine my song being played to the beautiful animation when it first airs.
So, do look forward for the anime and the music as well!