Ahead of the release of “Idolish7: Third Beat!”, a TV anime which will be broadcast in July 2021, 1st PV, featuring new characters, has been revealed. Furthermore, an advance screening of episodes 1-3 will be held, where the cast members appear.

“Idolish7: Third Beat!” is based on a music adventure game for smartphones. The 1st season of the TV series was broadcast in 2018, and the 2nd season was broadcast in 2020. The upcoming 3rd season will be a split-cour series.

This time, the 1st PV of “Idolish7: Third Beat!” has been released. The story digs into the true character of ‘malice’ that exists behind the glamorous stage where the idols are active. The PV features the new characters, including Isumu Haruka (CV. Hirose Yuya), Inumaru Toma (CV. Kimura Subaru), Natsume Minami (CV. Nishiyama Kotaro), Mido Torao (CV. Kondo Takashi), and Tsukumo Ryo (CV. Takahashi Hiroki).
Kato Tatsuya will continue handling the music as the 1st and 2nd seasons.

Ahead of the release in July, an advance screening of episode 1-3 will be held on June 13, where a total of 6 cast members, including, Masuda Toshiki (Izumi Iori), Yonaga Tsubasa (Izumi Mitsuki), KENN (Yotsuba Tamaki), Abe Atsushi (Osaka Sogo), Eguchi Takuya (Rokuya Nagi), and Ono Kensho (Nanase Riku), will have a talk after the screening.
This event will be live-streamed in theaters nationwide, and live-streamed online for a fee. Please check out the official website for further details.

“Idolish7: Third Beat!”, the 3rd season of the TV anime series, will be released, with the first half premiering in July 2021.

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