The 16th installment of the Heisei Kamen Rider series that was popular for having Takeuchi Ryouma and Uchida Rio in the show, “Kamen Rider Drive” will have all 48 episodes available for free viewing and YouTube premieres on “Toei Tokusatsu YouTube Official”.

“Kamen Rider Drive” debuted with the catchphrase, “This man, both a detective and a Kamen Rider!” Unlike the other Kamen Riders, he doesn’t drive a bike, but instead drives the Tridoron, a super machine that looks like a sports car. How quickly hehe quickly gets to the crime scenes in this car-type machine gained him popularity as an off-the-wall detective Rider.

Not only Takeuchi Ryouma and Uchida Rio but the other cast members are also active in various fields: Katoono Taikou (as Kamen Rider Chase) and Inaba Yuu (as Kamen Rider Mach), who fights along with Drive as a rival Rider, Baba Fumika, Warabino Tomoya, and Matsushima Shouta, who appeared as members of Roimude, and even the experienced actor Kataoka Tsurutarou.

The theme song was “SUPRISEDRIVER” by the unit “Mitsuru Matsuoka EARNEST DRIVE”, which was put together for “Kamen Rider Drive”. The singer is Matsuoka Mitsuru from the popular rock band SOPHIA. Matsuoka himself has played Kamen Rider Eternal asis “Kamen Rider W”, which makesmaking him a familiar person for Kamen Rider fans.

Due to a traumatic experience, the former elite detective Tomari Shinnosuke (played by Takeuchi Ryouma) was reassigned to the Special Investigation Unit, a fake organization of the Metropolitan Police Department. How he tries to make a comeback in his detective career with the help of his friends will surely light a fire in the hearts of the viewers.

“Kamen Rider Drive” will be streamed as a YouTube premiere on Toei Tokuksatsu YouTube Official every Saturday from 10:00 a.m. from May 15, 2021.
(*YouTube premiere lets the viewers watch the video together and chat with each other in real-time)

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