A book titled ” Earth Science in Special Effects” has been published that examines the special effects of “Godzilla” and “Ultraman” with “real chemistry.” Higuchi Shinji, director of “Shin Godzilla” and “Shin Ultraman,” and others commented.

The book, ” Earth Science in Special Effects,” is a science entertainment book by paleontologist Shibahara Akihiko, a fan of special effects, that examines special effects works such as kaiju and superheroes from the perspective of “earth science.”

In order for readers to genuinely enjoy special effects and earth science, the book has two rules: “1. Think of everything on the screen of a special effects film as ‘fact’”, and “2. Take into consideration the technical background and social conditions of the period when the special effects films were made,” and committedly examines; “Did Ultraman’s eyes evolve from a paleontological perspective?”, “Is it because the ancient continents of the earth moved that evil secret societies only target Japan!?”, and “What is the geological significance of the rocky terrain where they often fight?”

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Higuchi Shinji (Film director, etc.)
Wow, this is amazing!
It so reminds me of the fun after-school time when I was in high school with my friend who could study really well and my friend in the pop music club who were really popular, and we had so much fun talking about freakin’ useless (that’s a compliment) and stupid things (that’s a compliment), and I’m so jealous ‘cause the level of my friends was amazingly high!
I love what I love ‘cause I can do things like this! (and Tochigi, too!).
Let me join it!

Taguchi Kiyotaka (Film director)
This is the ultimate way to enjoy special effects films! This is what science is for, isn’t it?

Saito Mai (Actor)
Oh! Professor, please don’t run to the parallel universe theory when you get into a jam!