The exhibition “Tokusatsu's DNA-Ultraman Genealogy”, which traces the genealogy of the “Ultraman” series and Tsuburaya Productions's works, will be held at Tokyo Dome City from Sep. 5, 2020. Popular Ultraman representatives from the Showa, Heisei, and Reiwa eras will be gathered together.

“Tokusatsu's DNA”, the exhibition that focuses on Japan's unique “tokusatsu culture”, that draws a fantasy world in movies or TV as if it exists, and its technology and successors. It had been held from 2016.
This exhibition, which has been held in various locations under the theme of “Godzilla” and “Gamera” and has attracted more than 130,000 people, this autumn, it will trace “Genealogy” of the tokusatsu hero “Ultraman”, created by Tsuburaya Productions.

In “Tokusatsu's DNA-Ultraman Genealogy”, the heroes of each era are gathered together under the theme of the genealogy of the “Ultraman” series, which has been loved over the years of Showa, Heisei, Reiwa eras. In addition to the “Ultraman” series, other works by Tsuburaya Productions also will be introduced.
The exhibition itself will include greetings with heroes, talk shows with the cast, sales of limited items to commemorate the event, and many other things fill with the charm of “Ultraman” that continues to evolve and expand for more than 50 years after its birth.

“Tokusatsu's DNA-Ultraman Genealogy” will be held at Tokyo Dome City Gallery AaMo from Sep. 5 to Oct. 18.

(C) Tsuburaya Productions (C) Tokusatsu's DNA production committee